Non-Regulation Poké Balls (4 of 6) [ COMIC ]

Almost six months ago I created a comic called Non-Regulation Poké Balls where I created my take on eight non-regulation Poké Balls. One month later, I created another comic called Non-Regulation Poké Balls where I took eight of my favorite suggestions supplied by readers and turned them into non-regulation Poké Balls. Two months later, I did it again. Today’s is pretty much split down the center with half the suggestions coming from you, the readers, and half coming from me.

If there’s any more that you think should be added, suggest them in the comment section below. I’m curious as to just how long this theme can continue. I really enjoy making these and the interaction with you guys is awesome, as well. So keep your suggestions coming!


  • David Herbert

    You should do a gnome ball after your character.

    • Nyuuchan353

      What about a peeka-ball? (as in peeka-boo?) or a Pika ball, after pikachu? Iron Ball (Iron or Iron Man themed, your take.), Baby ball, nickel ball, shot ball…dunno about that one…maybe. I have more suggestions, too. Maybe I’ll save those for the next time around.

  • Exodus

    When you look at all the balls in order and finally reach the “Noball” you see an outline of a ball in the white. Cool illusion!

  • Kobe

    Headbangers Ball
    Foot (clan) Ball
    (All your) Baseball
    Odin sphe… Ball

    • Brefin

      I like the (All your) Base Ball idea.

  • Daniel Schealler


    Disco Ball

    Belle of the Ball

    Rubix Ball

    Meat Ball

    Stress Ball

    Pingpong Ball

    Mega Ball (mega-man)

    Jesus Ball

    Foot Ball (actually a foot or feet)

    Basket Ball (actually a basket – me so funny)

    Ball Bearing

    Highschool Ball

    Zorb Ball

    Ninja Ball (like no ball, only less of it)

  • hobocrow

    Space ball should have been the Mel Brooks movie

  • spweasel

    I’m a little surprised we haven’t had a tarball yet.

  • Redsleeves

    Have you tried making a Meat Ball? You could either make it look like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or Super Meat Boy.

    • Kronos_killer1

      I think Meatwad would be easier

  • Brad

    Here are some balls, really sorry if any have been done, for whatever reason the links aren’t working for me to check.
    Fast ball (Sonic’s head, 1st thing that popped into my mind after Knuckle Ball)
    Curve ball
    Meat ball
    Pin ball
    Ball-zak (the artist)
    Ger-ball (Gerbil)
    Ruh-ball (Rubble)
    Cannon ball

    • Brad

      Links working again (that was weird), looks like I only repeated meatball

  • erKURITA

    I’d have done Space Ball with characters of the movie “Spaceballs” in a circle.

  • Doomcat

    Mineball: a pokeball thats a block (I.E Minecraft)
    Ball of steel: fairly self explanitory
    Boomball: bomb! :D
    Udderball: Er…yeah, anyway!

  • ThePeebs

    Monster’s Ball – Frankeinstein’s head in a ball for with a party hat :)

  • Wilerson

    Does the Space Ball have a 100% capture chance to capture the Space Core?

  • HiEv

    Lowball – barely visible off the bottom of the panel.

  • Stan

    Uwe Boll

    • Sarssol

      Made entirely of feces?

  • Dawnanash

    Blue Balls :D

  • K7

    Eight Ball (The no-joke joke)

    Confused ball (A football)

    Flat Ball (A Frisbee)

    Fat Ball (Blob ball)

  • Awesome! Two of my suggestions made it! (Well, I was thinking more along the lines of Mel Brooks when I submitted Space Ball, but that would’ve been kind of hard to make an actual ball, probably.) That means I indirectly produced one-fourth of this comic strip!

    Glad you liked them.

    As for more ideas…er…

    Brony Ball?
    Bomb Ball?
    SlowPoke Ball?
    Reckin’ Ball? From Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls? That one N64 game?

    Meh, I already contributed my fair share.

  • zophah

    Holy Balls
    Tether Ball
    3rd ball from the sun

  • John McClane

    “Tobal” – A ball that looks like a big toe with super anime-manga “#1” painted on the nail. Spiky toe hair, optional.

    • John McClane

      Crap, actually that should be “No.1”

  • MDevonB

    So, does the No-Ball keep one hidden from prescience? Seems handy against Future Sight, though I have to wonder how they managed to get the no-field generator in such a small package. Then again, if you use a T-Probe it’s just an expensive Pokeball.

  • NickNackGus

    Trainer through no ball!
    Aw, it appeared to be caught!

    You can always make fun of sports: The Foot ball!

  • UndeadLex

    Curve Ball

  • Kronos_killer1

    I looked through some of the comments so if I have some that other people have said, then oh well. Here are some of my ideas…

    Bomb Ball (I was thinking of Bobomb)

    Baseketball (From the Movie)

    Kirball (Kirby)

    Girball (a gerbil inside a clear ball)

    Deathball (Death Star)

    Beastball (Really furry/hairy ball)

    Furryball (ball with catgirl face, ears, and a tail)

    Triangle Ball (or other shape that sounds better) (put a subtext/sidenote saying ‘how would this even work?’ or ‘ who would even throw this?’ or ‘ What the hell?!’)

    Dragonball (not sure if you used that one or not, probably too obvious)


    Analog ball (for Dueling analogs)

  • Cress

    With the number of Non Regulation Poke Balls you got going here, I’d say you are getting dangerously close to that point where I start wanting a poster of it… ah crap, too late.

    If you print it, they will come…

    Or I will at least. This is way better than Kevin Cosner playing baseball with dead guys at any rate.

  • Matt


    • Cress


  • Roldin

    Hutt ball (Jabba)
    Cock ball(a Roster)
    Fly ball (a fly)
    Half Ball
    Shadow Ball(Shadow from Sonic)
    Face Ball (Facebook)
    Cue Ball (Quine From show Sliders, what it would be funny)

  • Redsleeves

    Ooh, what about a Mockball? I don’t know quite how you’d represent that (since you’ve already done a Morph Ball, and the Mock Ball is just the Morph Ball while in the middle of a Shinespar) but it’s something to go off of.

  • Steve, no My Little Pony strip yet? Do we have to wait for a multi-platform, non-Flash release before you’ll indulge the bronies?

    But we’ll forgive you. Just give us a non-regulation Pokeball for each of the six lead ponies, plus either Spike/Celestia/Luna/Derpy Hooves for the remaining 2 slots.

    • ThePeebs


      • Shun the non-Brony, shuuuun!

        Oh wait, wrong equine series…

  • ImpofthePerverse

    Mr. IncrediBall
    Mrs. IncrediBall
    Ball and Chain
    Ballistic Missile
    Hairy Ball
    Bull Ball
    Bogey Ball
    Super Monkey Ball
    Looney Ball

    • Kobe

      Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey Ball!

  • nib0r teh epic

    Spy ball: Looks like the spy from TF2.

    • Redsleeves

      I think a Spyball would work better, actually, if it looked like one of the other TF2 classes (such as a Medic). Or it could look like one of the other balls on the page.

  • Danny

    Pocky Ball! Omnomnom

  • Adamandas

    How about:
    WreckingBall (with or without the crane that is use to tear buildings down)
    BowlingBall (strike means you caught the pokemon?)
    FishBawl (with a tiny underwater castle and a goldfish maybe?)
    BombermanBall (tic toc, tic toc…).

  • Mr. Pants McPants

    Slow ball, leave it blank, then have a slowpoke in ball form in the next comic (or the one afterwards)

  • Sherriff6

    Darth Baul, and make it look like Darth Maul.

  • gimmethegepgun

    Quina ball

    Because that’s the only character from FFIX worth remembering.

  • Ladasta

    Rice ball. You can only trap dead fish in it.

  • .

    Troll ball- obvious
    lemon ball-grenade
    Heavyball-free sandvich
    Pluto ball-it’s okay I’m not a planet either but I can be a ball

  • marvin

    Most of the Mario characters could be warped into ball form. Mario had that one pinball game..
    And: Boo Ball appeared in Luigi’s Mansion (the Boo Radar would go off near ball shaped objects, and sometimes the Boo Ball pops out instead of an actual Boo)

  • Shadowgate

    The slow ball, spy ball, and boo ball all sound good. My suggestion eould be a highball (either a clear nall with rye and coke inside or a tie-dye ball with a pot leaf for a button) and a moon ball (either shaped like the.moon or a pair of asscheeks)

  • Delc17

    Tl;dr comments, so if I used one already, sorry, I’m lazy.

    Balls of steel.
    Extra ball
    Real doll ball (sick, I know)
    Dingle ball (those cat toys with bells in them)
    Power ball
    Trackball (like on a mouse)
    Bowling ball
    Bocce ball
    Rock ball
    Beach ball
    Griffball (red vs blue reference)