Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane [ COMIC ]

Last weekend, the eastern seaboard of the United States was hit by hurricane Irene. Overall, Irene was a pretty tame hurricane as far as property damage goes. Still one thing that Irene did do was to knock out the power for over a million people [1] including myself.

I’m fortunate. Though my power was out for thirty-six hours, it’s back on now and besides the food in my refrigerators spoiling I had no other property damage. The problem is without any electricity my ever wobbly and already shaky juggling act of time for family, career, freelance and webcomics took a major nosedive.

Luckily with Labor Day being Monday this is a three day weekend. My hope is that that extra day should be enough to get me back on track with everything. Regardless, I wasn’t too keen on leaving the latest installment of the Non-Regulation Poké Balls on the front page for more than a week. So I quickly through this together as an alternative.

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