Introducing the PokéBra [ COMIC ]

My favorite part of doing this comic, was the fact that the sketch for Nurse Joy looked anything but SFW. Unless you knew the colors that were going to be implemented, it just looked well… Well, here’s part of the sketch here so you can see for yourself, but be forewarned that to the untrained eye it could be considered NSFW… just like this Friday 4Koma.

Well, this is the last comic before I head off to Otakon on Friday morning. Looking forward to meeting those of you brave enough to say, “hi” to me while I’m there. Also, going to have a few new items that are currently unavailable in the store. Hopefully I’ll see you there!


  • David

    I think I have seen an actual pokebra out there somewhere.

    • Oh, I have no preconceived notation that I was the first person to put the two ideas together. I want to believe that someone painted their breasts to look like poké balls. Seems like that would be even more disturbingly accurate for the kids. Might get more dads involved with the series, though.

      • David

        Actually, you might be. Google images seems to not have any results featuring such a thing.

  • Nuckel

    I just can see Nintendo really producing those for some reason…

  • bidoopoo

    Great idea, but if you try and introduce PokePanties expect women not to be all that willing to wear them.

    Mostly for the name…

  • I swear I’ve seen it before, but I can’t remember where!

    Heh, 4chan, probably…

  • Angel Xtreme

    It reminds me of a picture I saw about profesor Araragi and the trainer from Pokémon Black and White.
    Araragi tells the trainer to choose one of the 3 Pokéballs she is displaying (try imaging wich ones are two of them), then he choose the real one. Araragi surprised, tells him that he can also grab the others two, but he says that he doesn’t want those.

  • David

    Just make sure to hold Down+B or they might pop out. =P

  • Nmaiorelle

    Looks like its time for a double battle!

  • Devin

    Devin used lick, it was super effective

  • Balthasar

    hah hah it only took all weekend, but I have now read every single Dueling Analogs comic. Man you can really pump them out fast.

  • Chris

    Which reminds me: Did you hear the one about Zero Suit Samus and the Pokemon Trainer?

    Those aren’t Pokeballs.