Non-Regulation Poké Balls (3 of 6) [ COMIC ]

Three months ago I created a comic called Non-Regulation Poké Balls where I created my take on eight non-regulation Poké Balls. One month later, I created another comic called Non-Regulation Poké Balls where I took eight of my favorite suggestions supplied by readers and turned them into non-regulation Poké Balls. At the end of that comic I asked the readers for any additional suggestions of non-regulation Poké Balls. These are eight of my favorite suggestions from the second time around.

If there’s any more that you think should be added, suggest them in the comment section below.


  • Brefin

    Poke ball (no accent over the e)… perhaps could be covered in spikes…

    • Brefin

      Or a finger…?

  • Robert

    Rocky Mountain Oyster Ball…

    • Brefin

      Below the belt, Robert. *rimshot*

  • Robert


    • Caelen

      Space? Space?!


      Anyways, I like the idea of the spaceball.

      Also, its not a “Weighted Storage Ball”, it’s called an “Edgeless Safety Cube”, so technically it isn’t a ball at all.

  • Hey! The Oddball got posted! Spiffy!

    Ball of Annihilation: Like a Sphere of Annihilation (D&D reference), but in Pokeball form. Be careful who you throw it at…

  • Jake the Yak

    Some of the more distinctive sports balls would be good: bowling ball, billiard ball, golf ball, cricket ball, etc.
    Mouse ball / track ball.
    Mr T ate my ball.
    Lucille Ball.
    Fancy dress ball.

    • PorkRoll

      I like the Lucille Ball

  • Rosethorns

    you weighted storage ball is a edgeless saftey cube… ball

  • Gato

    Fullmetal Ball [Would be smaller than the other balls featured.]

    Fruit Roll-Up Ball [Because everyone has done this with their fruit roll-up at least once.]

    • HAHAHA! The second one is funny, as it’s so true, but the first one… I, good sir, applaud your awesome reference and give you 10 awesomeness points :)

  • Sephirjon


  • blackguard

    I think the proper name is “Weighted Edgeless Cube”

  • The Anarchyz

    -Companion Ball
    -Morality Ball

  • 622killer89

    Going off other portal 2 references
    -Wheatly ball
    -Combustible Lemon ball

  • grenade ball.. or nuke ball

  • Adoraball

  • Sir VG

    Once again, I’ll suggest the awesome Pac-Man Ball (100% Failure Rate on Ghost Type Pokemon) and the Firefox Ball (as you’ve done the Chrome Ball before).

    • The Pac-Man Ball works really well if I can add the failure rate tagline, but unfortunately I can’t for consistency reasons.

      • Brefin

        Couldn’t you just add the tag line in the comic blog? I think most of your readers would be intelligent enough to appreciate it, even if it’s not IN the comic itself.

  • UndyingSolon

    Lucille Ball

  • corpsegirl

    cannon ball
    beach ball
    room ball (ball room)
    roomba-ll (roomba)
    flesh ball
    ball on a string (based on a game)
    face ball
    ball gag
    paint ball
    ball corporation ( seriously wtf)

  • The Anarchyz

    -Yoshi Ball
    -Spider Ball (or The Amazing Spider Ball)
    -Wiki Ball

  • K7

    Hmm, some off the top of my head…

    Dirty Ball
    Sticky Ball
    Ball Boy – Could be a play on the Rejected Mega Man Villains
    Ball Room
    Twin Ball
    Animal Ball – Castle Crashers callback
    Twitchy Ball
    Angry Balls (Angry Birds)
    Lead Ball
    Ball & Chain
    Spaaaaace ball
    Potato Ball
    Beach Ball
    Medicine Ball
    Mega Ball (Megaman)
    Lucille Ball
    Spiked Ball
    Death Ball (Kills all pokemon inside of it)
    Bowling Ball

  • Chronos

    -Chocoball (Final Fantasy)
    -Newbie Ball
    -X ball (X wing or X box or X men)
    -Beholder Ball (D&D)
    -Catch ‘Em All Ball
    -Metal Gear Ball (Maybe make it look like Snake’s box)
    -Cog Ball (Gears of War)

  • Chronos

    -Zero Ball
    -Tux Ball (Linux)
    -Mac Ball
    -Halo Ball
    -College Ball

    • Kyono

      Jeez, dood.

  • Shaows

    Matryoshka Ball/Xzibit Ball/Inception Ball – Ball within a ball within a ball within a ball…

    Débutante Ball – Ball wearing a “Southern Belle” gown

    Langolier Ball – Ball that opens into a mouth-full of teeth. (Reference Images:

    Fire Ball – Self Explanatory

    Thunder Ball – Ball based on the James Bond movie, I guess it could have the Radiation Warning symbol on it.

    Lint Ball – Self Explanatory

    FOE Ball – Youtube video for reference (

  • IvoryTower



  • Fearow

    Dragon ballz

  • Glaedr

    maiden ball (anyone who doesnt know this torture device google it) but it would have to be open for anyone to get it

  • Roddy

    Noire Ball
    Tea Ball (for those who don’t know, tea balls are used for loose leaf tea)
    Super ball (superman reference)
    flail ball
    corn ball
    gum ball

  • Jay

    -Ball of Duty (ideally, it would contain the stereotypical Xbox Live gamer… you know!)
    -Faball (this design: )
    -Minecraft Ball (it would be a cube… that’s the joke)
    -Grand Theft Ball (probably a police interceptor light bar)
    -Balls of Steel (sunglasses, a cigar, and that iconic hairstyle)
    -Ball Nut (remember the Wall Nut / Tall Nut from Plants Vs Zombies…?)
    -Recetball (DAT FACE: )

  • Stefanie

    I take your Butterball, and raise you a Deep Fried Butter Ball.

  • H3xx

    Fast Ball (Sonic the Hedgehog)

    Super monkey ball,

    Left ball and right ball (You’ve already done the booby ball n_n)

    Chomp Ball (mario, obviously)

    psychic ball (crystal ball)

  • The Anarchyz

    -Eggball (Dr. Eggman)

  • COVrock

    Metaball (Metaknight, cape optional)
    Jezeball (A whore of some sort)
    Knifeball (a really pointy ball)
    Multiball (like multiple choice answer question thingy or covered in math problems, “multiple”)

  • Jimmy T

    Chocoball (Chocobo)


    Djinn Ball (Golden Sun)

    Assassin Ball (Apple of Edenball?)

    Prinny Ball


    Fireball (Mario, with the eyes)

    Slowball (Slowpoke/Bro/King)

  • Thunderclaw

    Woo, you included the Meat Ball! My life is complete.

  • SnoringFrog

    Cheeseballs and popcorn balls should make an appearance. Or malt balls (whoppers candy).

  • Matt

    Materiaball (FF7)
    Knuckleball (Knuckles from Sonic, pun intended from the baseball pitch)
    MoonBall (the moon from Majora’s Mask)
    ContraBall (Contra)

  • JH

    Yoshi Ball

  • PorkRoll

    I still like “Chef’s Chocolate Salty Ball” from south park as well as “the Schwetty ball” from SNL. Many testicular references today. Not sure why…

    Also, the Phantasm Ball, which someone else had mentioned previously.

    Finally, another good one would be the Dirigiball that could be plummeting and on fire.

  • Mr_Jenkins

    Small Innocent Child Ball. O_O

  • Ibbolia

    How about Grif ball, like from RvB and Halo?

  • scott

    The Cube Ball (as in- the All-spark from Transformers)

  • Iceholder

    Space Ball
    -Would need the helmet, though. Probably. Not Helmet’s helmet, but the one all the crew wears.

    Spark Ball
    -Guilty Spark from Halo

    Baal Ball

    Hex Ball
    -Hexadecimal from Reboot

    Zero-Binome Ball
    -At least, I think it’s a zero-binome? One of those ball-looking guys from Reboot. Been so long, can’t remember :(

    Bat Ball

    Buddha Ball



    Wheatley Ball (Portal 2)
    Geoball (Geodude, Pokemon)
    Red-Turtle-Shell-ball (Mario)
    Red-Ring-Of-Death Ball

    I can’t remember if you’ve already done Wheatley ball, I think you may have….

  • The Burger

    Its funny because the Katamari ball can actually catch stuff


    ServBall (Dead Rising Servbot mask)
    CritterBall (From the film Critters)
    LingLingBall (From Drawn Together)
    MilleniumPuzzleBall (Yugioh)
    Rated 18 Ball (The little red ’18’ sticker on games / films ect)
    Xball (Xbox 360 logo ball)
    Fist Ball
    KombatBall (Mortal Kombat logo)

    More ideas.

  • Vake Xeacons

    Tomb Ball (Tomb Raider)
    Bat Ball (Bat Man)
    Watch Ball (Watchmen)

    I swear, you could start a church with stuff like this…

  • Cathulhu
  • Shaows

    Any reason why my suggestion post is missing? It should be between Chronos and Ivory Tower’s posts.

    • Shaows

      Nevermind, browser issue.

  • Jeph

    Masquerade Ball
    GlaDOS Ball
    Power Ball (From Metroid)

  • Jeph

    Forgot the Divide By Zero Ball

  • Jakk Frost

    You know, I don’t know if the red ring of death is still a running gag, but you could have the Red Ball of Death

  • banjo2E

    * Spinball (You’re too slow!)
    * Recycle Ball
    * Stumball (
    * East Ball (basically, a normal pokeball except that the two halves are shaped like Taijitu)
    * Not A Ball (Voltorb)
    * Spaceball
    * Hatball (Tarnish notte the majesty of my TOWER of HATS)

  • Jeph

    Faball (Fable III royal crest)

  • Zigz

    Companion Cube ball

  • Zeroman


  • Brodie

    Grate Ball (cheese grater)
    Stay-Ball (Cube, “Stable”)
    Moth Ball

  • Unicron Ball.

  • Jplay

    How about the spirit ball? Just a glowing orb of blue energy

  • Combine it with the other stuff and make:
    Cutball, Gutsball, Elecball, etc…

  • Lumanaru

    It seems like a bad idea (but a good one for a comic) to throw a Smash Ball at a Pokémon you’re trying to capture. Like, Pokémon Center for everyone type of bad.

  • Harry

    how about a ballball?

    • Harry

      or a bowl ball (god I suck lol)

  • Newbonzy

    Goodness Gracious Great Ball(s) of Fire

  • dacres

    your gradients suffered for the web-safe colors. can we get the full color version?

  • Chaos

    What about a Track Ball? Simple really, draw a picture of an older trackball mouse.

  • Chris

    PooBall….be creative with this one.
    HairBall…yeah, i know its nasty.
    DownyBall…the fabric softener thing.
    BustedBall…Broken pokeBall or a smashed testicle.
    Censored Ball…????whats inside will never be seen on network TV.

  • Skyblade

    I think a lot of people are missing the point. These aren’t just random objects with the word “ball” stuck on the end. These are supposed to be puns with words that already include the ball, and just converting whatever the actual meaning is to a Pokeball shape.

  • Zayl

    ACDC ball -Biggest ball of them all
    Chin ball – a la peter griffin-

  • dantess

    fur ball, tech ball, legion, tron ball, cue ball, pot ball

  • Chaos

    Draw a Tomball with pink spiky hair.

  • Dodds

    Admiral Ack-ball. Announces the fact that “It’s a trap!” before being thrown.