Switch Things up in the Bedroom [ COMIC ]

Since November, I have been creating comics for Forbes. This comic was one of the recent ideas that I came up with for them. Unfortunately, the premise of the joke is a little too racy for their site and we both agreed that making it any tamer would take away from the punchline. So, I decided to finish the strip anyway and post it here on Dueling Analogs instead.


  • Fazza

    I’ve been reading Forbes in my lunch time for a while now (as they are one of few websites who aren’t blocked at work with gaming news) and I was pleasantly surprised to recognise some of your comics on there.

    • pierski

      Thank you. They want single panel comics, which are a little different than what I am used to. But they are a lot quicker to make and they are fine with the simpler art style I use. So that is cool, as well.