Non-Regulation Poké Balls (2 of 6) [ COMIC ]

About a month ago I created a comic called Non-Regulation Poké Balls where I created my take on eight non-regulation Poké Balls. In the post that followed I asked for your suggestions of any other possible non-regulation Poké Balls. These are eight of my favorite suggestions supplied by readers like you.

If there’s any more that you think should be added, suggest them in the comment section below.


  • General Bison

    You misspelled Ghastly in the 8-ball…
    I’ll stop being nit-picky now and go sit in the corner.

    • Shenny

      No, that’s how you spell the name of the Pokemon known as Gastly. That’s the joke.

  • Psychol0gist

    Incept Ball – A ball inside a ball inside a ball inside a ball inside a Voltorb!

    • Sparanda

      Yo Dawg!

      • Chaos


  • LilPimpT

    What about great ball of fire? <_<

  • Vartic

    Loving the FFX reference – Blitz is the best mini-game ever

  • Dan

    The Gabe Newball never releases its pokemon :-(

    • Josh

      Fuckyea best comment ever.

    • MIkey

      Nah, It just delays the evolution of the pokemon inside it, but dose let other pokemon evolve quicker.

  • zophah

    belle of the ball

  • Phantasm ball is YES! Nice pull! I have the misfortune of having seen every single one of those movies. Yes, even the made for DVD so no one will ever see it sequels.

  • Belph

    The sleaze-ball

  • Spaghetti and MeatBalls.

  • Shaows

    Surprised you haven’t used the Katamari Ball yet.

    • mepstein

      The Pokemon you throw it at just gets stuck to the Katamari Ball… It’s very uncomfortable and awkward. On a brighter note, the OddBall has the face of an Oddish. (D’aw).

  • BigLord

    Magic 8 ball for the win!

  • ThunderEvermore


    • Ryan

      That ball nerfs your pokemon into submission/suckiness, rendering them completely unwanted and alters their appearance into a mutated and unholy version of their former selves.

  • Ragnak

    Assball. It never works. Not even with Ratatta.

  • Skyblade

    Yay, all three of my recommendations made it up there. I am such a geek.

    Obviously the Dragon Balls won’t work at all unless you have seven of them in your inventory. Then they can catch any non-legendary perfectly.

    • Kaye

      Or you collect all seven of them (since they’re the Earth dragon balls), summon Shenron, and he will “try” to capture a legendary Pokemon for you.

      • Skyblade

        That was kind of the point. You need seven to do anything. Against random pokemon, he’d provide a perfect catch rate. But, if you assign him something useful or important, he will tell you it is beyond his power and that you have to choose a different wish.

        • The flaw in this plan being that you can only have six pokemon in your team at once. Maybe you use the last ball on the thing you wish to catch.

  • UndeadLex

    Weighted Companion Ball
    Smash Ball
    Balls of Steel

    • Sparanda

      I second all of these.

  • K

    aperture science monster miniaturization containment orb

    • Zeroman


  • lulz

    where are the facebook/apple/360/ps3 -balls which are made of poo?

  • Rico

    All Your Base-ball, Screwball(Screw Attack from Metroid), Grifball(from red vs. blue), Oddball, Spidey-Ball, Furball (Furby Ball……Oh God why did I think of that?!), Ball and Chai, Monster Ball, Military Ball

  • Doomcat

    Blitz ball! awesome! :D

    Mineball: It’s a pokeball, in minecraft! I.E: a cube.

  • Mr Rigamortis

    All I ever have in my inventory is blue balls… :sigh:

  • Thunderclaw

    Meat Ball! (As in Super Meat Boy and the food)
    Also, Baneling Ball.

  • Xypher

    Woot, my suggestion got accepted :D

  • Xypher

    What about a ball using one of the old DOOM power-ups ?

  • dragonsword

    Well how about a Policeman’s Ball? Pedo-Bear Ball? pac man ball?

    • Sir VG

      Pac-Man Ball. 100% Failure rate on Ghost type Pokemon!

  • Sir VG

    Since you’ve already shown the Chrome ball, you HAVE to put up a FirefoxBall!

  • zophah

    butter ball (like the turkey brand)

  • Delta

    GabeNewBall pictured there is 1/8th scale right?

  • Limey Man

    Disco Ball!

  • Marvin

    Monster’s Ball (as in the movie of the same name)
    Cookie Monster’s Ball (a clever parody of the above movie)
    Boo Ball (Found in Luigi’s Mansion, often in the same room as a Boo you’ve not found. Also a ball in Mario Hoops, I believe)
    Dice Ball (used in the volleyball minigame in Mario Party 5 and 6. The number on the ball would increase and also increase points gained by a team when it finally hit the ground)
    Bob-omb Ball (also used in the volleyball minigame. This one exploded after so many hits, causing a team to lose a point, I think [it’s been a while since I’ve played using this ball])
    Yoshi Egg Ball (used in Mario Hoops. Just a Yoshi Egg styled ball)
    Wario Basketball (I forget the name of the minigame, but it’s on WarioWare DIY Wii. This particular ball has Wario’s face on it)
    Toad Ball (found in Mario Pinball. Toad in ball form. Not much else to say)

  • Brefin

    Brass Monkey Ball… can only be used when it’s freezing cold outside.

    • Trism

      This is awesome =oD

  • Shoe

    A Katamari Ball? It collects other poke-balls.

  • Trism

    A Berbil ball (Berball?) would be pretty funny =o) For those who don’t know/can’t remember; the Berbils are the robot bears from Thundercats.

  • Jakk Frost

    One of my favorite sayings when something happened I didn’t like has always been “Well that sucks big hairy donkey balls”

    ’nuff said

  • kit

    I still say smash ball (from brawl)

    also how about hair ball (only works on cat pokemon like meowth)

  • heythatoneguy

    invisa bal?

    They have sunglasses on.
    They’re always the last one in your inventory, and you have to wait for it to be done before it comes out.
    Pokemon hold item: Empty Gum package.
    (I see someone posted this, but it needed elaboration)

  • Chicken

    Phantasm ball…. haven’t seen that movie in forever lol

  • Redajin

    now that you have Blue Balls you are morally obligated to put Big Balls and Brass Balls

    Dodge Ball
    Foot Ball
    Powerpuff Ball (those girls have really freakish heads)
    Pac Ball
    Sack Ball (ball for holding balls?)
    Navi ball
    spartan/halo ball
    camo ball
    Game Sphere

    and lastly

    Ce n’est pas une balle

    You know what? That’s more balls then I care to talk about…

  • Shaows

    Don’t think anyone said this yet, but how bout a “Lint Ball”?

  • UndeadLex

    Super Monkey Ball
    Tron Ball *either from Megaman Legends or Disney’s Tron works ;P
    Minecraft Ball
    Ball games on motorcycles

  • ed

    Morphball FTW

  • DrakeZiggo

    My Dragon Ball suggestion got accepted.

    *E-Peen leveled up.

    • DrakeZiggo

      Can’t be growing my e-peen without suggestions so how about…

      Shadow Ball

      (Yes the attack)

  • AleX

    My suggestions:


  • Man in Black

    d20 Ball, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  • Ranu

    An angrybird ball, may it be the angryball

  • Heartless

    Spiked Ball – like the morningstar-weapon
    sun/moon ball
    office ball – only hits sleeping pokemon
    golden ball – taken from this harry potter game (snatch/quidditch?? don´t know the english names)
    viagra ball – if it doesn´t work, it at least paralyses the pokemon
    christmas-tree ball
    disco-ball – like the weapon from ratchet and clank