Non-Regulation Poké Balls (1 of 6) [ COMIC ]

If your boss gives you crap about the Booby Ball, just tell ’em that it’s a male breast and that the image just isn’t a high enough resolution to see the hairs on the nipple.

Pokémon Black and White Versions came out this week and I was inspired to create a Pokemon related comic…Oh, who am I kidding?! I was really inspired by the Boob Champion himself Caldy. Pokémon, shmokémon…The Boob Champion is forever!

As far as the comic, I had other ideas for balls to use, but they just couldn’t be conveyed without some sort of explanation (ie. Blue Ball…nobody wants blue balls.) For sake of discussion, can you think of any other non-regulation poké balls that would fit the premise?


  • mlsterben

    The iBall has more buttons than Apple would allow. =P

    • Doot

      Obviously you never even seen the original iPods. That iBall is a direct replica of the button format of the original iPods.

      Also, I would like to suggest the Big Balls from wipeout. :3

      That, or just Big balls, referring to… Well, big balls. =/

      My final suggestion is Great Balls of Fire.

      • Randomgamerdude

        I second all of those and gladly suggest the Pac-ball.

      • Sabbo

        They’re being called “original iPod”s now? It is almost worth calling it a travesty that technology has started to move so fast that products that were still modern last year have now been treated as if forgotten.

        At the very least, I can call it a shame.

        • 大日本帝国万歳

          Last year? The first iPod to use the click wheel design was the iPod Mini, which was released way back on February 20, 2004. They don’t even make those anymore. Nowadays, the “new” iPods (Touch and iPhone) don’t use the click wheel, but the original ones did (and even the iPod Classic still uses that design).

          The original DS also came out in 2004. Would you not call it “original” considering the subsequent release of the DS Lite, DSi, DSiXL, and 3DS?

  • Sifu Locke

    This is great, but can’t help but I feel you left out an important entry, the Phantasm ball… Does nobody else remember the regret of watching that behind their parents back, then being terrified of most any metalic sphere for fear you’d get your head opened up like a cheap bottle of wine? I peeked around the hallway for years before I left my room after that!

    • Shaows

      Which sentinel ball do you think should be displayed? The standard fork/drill model, the gold laser beam/saw model, or is it the boob disguise model that’s hiding in the picture already?

  • Nuckel

    I like them all. The sentry one seems kind of like a sibling of the personality core spheres from the actual Portal game. Come to think of it, maybe the companion cube would make a funny ball aswell.
    Also the sentry ball reminds me of Samus Aran’s Morphball appearance.

    Though I totally don’t get the install ball one. Is that coming from some Windows 7 interface thing or so?

    • Nuckel

      Oh and just now I remember where I did encounter the Booby Ball in all its glory! HappyHarry Strikes again: (NSFW)

    • Doot

      Sentry ball is the SENTRIES from the actual portal game. Why would he need personality cores too?

    • Rhinox

      The Install Ball is a boss you fight twice in Alien Hominid before it becomes your pet. It then returns in Castle Crashers as an Animal Orb.

  • Anony

    Oooooo, I think it’d be funny to put a Pokemon in an incomplete Death Ball. Maybe you could see what they do in there. Also, the iBall would be the most expensive ball, and a new version would come out regularly.

    @Nuckel: It’s not a Windows 7 thing, I can tell you that.

  • Skyblade

    Ok, I have to say, I am supremely disappointed that these aren’t in game, especially the Sentry Ball.

    The Morph Ball from Metroid. The Blitz Ball from FFX. The Magic 8 Ball…

  • IMakeIce

    …Someone reader who works at Apple just landed a promotion.

  • Xypher

    Kirb ball ?

  • Rob

    The flipping I-ball wouldn’t work anyways…….catch rate of 0.2 or so

    • Tery153

      At least it plays more music than is in the game. lol. Hearing the same 3 songs over and over again is really annoying! Then again, maybe the poke’mon won’t appreciate some music selection… especially if the user insists on singing.

      How about the slime ball, the low ball, and the ball who does not appear in this comic?

  • chif ii

    balls of steel

    And you could still do the “blue balls” joke, just have two of them side-by side.

  • Jess-O

    Masquerade ball, Blitz ball, 8 ball, cornball, hairball, goofball, highball, pinball, moth ball, yoga ball and spit ball…

  • Delta

    I terribly wanted to print this for the cubicle wall, but I’d have to edit out booby ball, wouldn’t fly over too well with the women and suits.

    Lesse… HALball, KITTball, Blitzball (god why did I think of that), awesomefaceball.jpg, Materiaball, GabeNewellball, OldSpiceball (contains DIAMONDS)…

    If anything else, the CharlieSheenball. Its bi-winning.

    • xXDarkWolfXx

      Wouldnt a better name be the GabeNewBall?

  • Sloshy

    Firefox Ball :(? Regardless I found this so funny! I want a slime ball so badly now! D:

  • Definitely a fan of Booby Ball. I believe that may be showing up in a Super Art Fight sometime soon. Like next Friday. Like at the Burlesque show.

  • Nekozilla

    theres also the classic fireball. and for the one piece fans theres the buggy balls.

    love the booby ball, it reminds me of the boob shape stress relief balls they sell in novelty sotres XD

  • Svafa

    Morph Ball would be hot. Ubuntu Ball, Colour Selector Ball, Katamari Ball, Recycle Ball, Bob Omb Ball, and Hyper Cube Ball.

    Just a few I thought of while trying to recall where the Install Ball was from, which will bother me the rest of the day. It looks similar to the LFD icon in WoW, but I know it’s not that…

  • HI Zak

    I would kind of like to see the Brutal ball…(needs umlaut) make it all spiky with barb wire and some skulls. Basically something eddy riggs would toss at a caterpie then have to wonder why the ball exploded the critter on contact. Also mega man/ zero ball would be cool too. I mean its just a ball with the helmet design integrated but it would be neat to think that it would take on some of the traits of the things it captured. In the same thread as a pac ball, a (mario metal ball and chain monster) ball would be cool too. Maybe have a link or two hangin’ off it.

  • PorkRoll

    The Schwetty Ball and the Chef’s Chocolate Salty Ball.

  • Asquian

    Companion ball, cousin to the cube.

  • Dirk

    How about a buckyball?

  • ed

    Install ball is from Castle crashers…’s an animal orb

  • Kyle Voltti

    the thing is…. booby balls do exist in real life… you can buy them….Not that I ever have….

  • kit

    smash ball

  • Dehrk

    I’d like to see PipBall and BigDaddyBall. :-D

  • Keith

    How about Canni-Ball (or Hanni-Ball) and put it on a Lec-tern. (with a nice Chianti, of course).
    Screw Ball,

  • DrakeZiggo

    Dragon Ball anyone? No? Awrr…

  • Roderik

    Guys…Monkey Ball?

  • Breella


  • Neohyren

    Hairy ball. enough said

  • Anvil

    I would submit the Yellow Snow Ball for that list.

  • Rusty

    I find the sensation of blue balls exhilarating, just sayin