Classic Dueling Analogs XI [ COMIC ]

Ever since Otakon, my update schedule has been wonky at best. I’ve been posting some other interesting stuff that I’ve found around the net on the site to compensate, but the majority of you never scroll below the fold of the homepage (I have Google Analytics installed. Trust me I know these things). So since the news of Sonic CD being payable at PAX [1] are circulating around the internet. I decide to repost a personal favorite classic comic entitled Jason Todd Not Included.

Here’s hoping that my update schedule doesn’t get any worse after I attend Intervention Con in a few weeks.


  • NickNackGus

    Good news! Shadow, you get the part. Nyan cat, space core, go home. You aren’t IN this series.

  • Adamandas

    Has there been any game that the blue hedgehog actually had that phasing ability?

    On another note, I don’t think it is possible to pass through solid objects using such a method, since matter in its solid state poses a barrier ever to most forms of energy (which can be viewed as a superdiluted form of matter), but since I am NOT an expert in quantum mechanics, I’ll just wait to see what the rest of you think.

    Still a great strip, not sure if I want to get the job though, considering Tails’ fate :p