Super Mario Bothers [ GAME ]

If you’re thinking this game reminds you of Super Mario Leftovers, then you’re not very far off. In fact, I was watching said video when I came up with the idea for this game. I had originally thought of making Super Mario Leftovers a playable game, but some of the characters just wouldn’t have worked when actually applied. So I opted to make Super Mario Bothers with four different enemies from the original Super Mario Bros. games.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t include Koopas, Spinies or Buzzy Beetles as playable characters in the game, well that was because they all acted way too similar to Goombas and I had already had my mind made up to include a Goomba. As for my choice of a Blooper over a Cheep-Cheep, that was because Cheep-Cheeps jump out of water on certain levels and that just wouldn’t work.

Hopefully you enjoy this and if you’re up for another game, why not give Portal Tetris a try…Or a try again.