Super Mario Bothers [ GAME ]

If you’re thinking this game reminds you of Super Mario Leftovers, then you’re not very far off. In fact, I was watching said video when I came up with the idea for this game. I had originally thought of making Super Mario Leftovers a playable game, but some of the characters just wouldn’t have worked when actually applied. So I opted to make Super Mario Bothers with four different enemies from the original Super Mario Bros. games.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t include Koopas, Spinies or Buzzy Beetles as playable characters in the game, well that was because they all acted way too similar to Goombas and I had already had my mind made up to include a Goomba. As for my choice of a Blooper over a Cheep-Cheep, that was because Cheep-Cheeps jump out of water on certain levels and that just wouldn’t work.

Hopefully you enjoy this and if you’re up for another game, why not give Portal Tetris a try…Or a try again.


  • Lane Trip

    Only problem with this game is that Bloopers(Bloobers?) can fly.

    • Ah, good, I was going to say the same thing.

      • Phaelin

        Whoah, wasn’t expecting to see a comment by LBD here today.

        In other news, I had completely forgotten about the Legend of the Flying Blooper.

    • You are right. I always forget about Super Mario Bros. 2 (JP) a.k.a. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. That’s where the bloopers swim through the air. Definitely an abnormality in the series: view the abnormality.

      • ed

        Hammer Bros. would have been fun, considering they can both throw hammers and jump

  • David Herbert

    It was… actually kind of fun. Weird.

  • Jarrett

    Hahaha, I chose the squid last, it was hilarious.

  • Cory Trever

    Laughed my tits off at the final character.

  • The WP

    Aw, I really hoped that going as far as I could with Boo until the time ran out would show me something cool. There was that tree-like thing at about 30 seconds left that I don’t think as a sprite is in the original game, but that’s it.

  • IheartLxLight

    Why must you do this to me? This looks awesome, but I’m on a tablet, so can’t move. Unfair.

  • dMulenex

    Really boring…..the only character that can finish is Bullet Bill, and even then it’s just press space bar and wait. Boo wouldn’t collide with ANYTHING including the pole at the end. Goomba couldn’t get past the first pipe, and the squid doesn’t move, but I got a laugh from it

  • Falos

    Tasty if not very filling. That was a review for the cookie I just ate, but my thoughts are similar for this SMB.

    Blooper used Splash! It wasn’t very effective…

  • Marvin

    The game isn’t showing up for me.. :(

    • What platform/browser are you trying to view it in? Won’t show up on iPad or iPhone/iPod as it is Flash.

      • Marvin

        Computer with Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 9

        It’s weird because the banner ads and such that also use Flash still load just fine.. Hmm

        • Honestly not sure. I actually updated this to use the official code supplied by Adobe. Trying a different browser is all I can suggest from here.

  • Phaelin

    Hah, waited for the clock to run down and the Bullet Bill explodes in the cannon. Win.