Getting a New Game [ COMIC ]

This theme is becoming more and more common in my everyday life.

On February 25, 2008 I bought Rogue Galaxy for the Playstation 2 from Amazon. Over four years later, that game is still unwrapped and sitting on the shelf mocking me. I have bought, beating and traded new games since then, but this game is one of an ever going trend in my gaming life.

My theory is that one day I will be able to play this vast collection of games I’ve amounted over the years. Whether this theory holds true or not in the long run is still up for debate, but in the short term I can still dream.


  • MindTricked

    “One day.” Yeah, I have about 10 Playstation and Playstation 2 games that fall under that category, and even an N64 game or two. “One day” is not coming, I fear.

  • Phaelin

    Rogue Galaxy is surprisingly amazing, if you can ever get around to it.

    I find myself having the same problem. (Most notably Epic Mickey, which is still in the wrapper.) We just bought a house, which makes me realize I will now officially never have time to play video games ever again. Well, maybe once a year.

    • Anne

      Epic Mickey sadly has some of the most spastic-ly awful camera controls (or lack thereof) I’ve dealt with in a while. As much as I wanted to love the game, I put it down and haven’t picked it up in more than 6 months.

    • Shadow Links

      Played all the way through Rogue Galaxy, and can’t beat the final boss. I try one again every six months or so to no avail.

  • Emj4ye

    Hah! SoML. I still have to finish FF13-2 and Rage. Then I need to start Bioshock 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. ><

  • Hubert Paulin

    I got over 150 games in my collection that I need to do, I’am 26 and I think I’ll only have the time to play thoses games when I’m retired… damn you Diablo 3, LoL, BF3, Guild Wars 2, LOTRO…. job….wife

  • jnite

    Have so many backlog games I honestly don’t know how many there are, and with downloadable games it is making it even worse. I’ve avoid buying any new games due to this but eventually the games go down in price and go on sale to such a cheap price that I may as well add it to my collection of games I’ll play.

    What annoys me is when I purchase a new game that I have to play now, I can see my collection of unplayed games looking at me, shaking their head in disappointment. That guilt quickly fades away though as I realize that my games have gained consciousness and are intelligent enough to judge me. I fear as I go to sleep. Looking at my large collection of games from different consoles giving me murderous stares as I turn off the lights.

  • Rishnu

    I am terribly guilty of buying games with the intentions of playing them through, and then letting them collect dust in their original packaging. As of late most of my purchases that go this way seem to be nostalgic purchases (looking at you Neverwinter nights 1 & 2 complete collection, but how could I deny your place in my collection for a mere 17 dollars). On the bright side my large collection of unplayed PS3 and Xbox games has given my kids something to do. Occasionally they even look like they are having the fun I intended for myself when I bought them.

  • I’ve finally reached the point where, for the most part, I will no longer be purchasing new games or systems. Not only do I have a disappointingly large collection of games I do not play (and it only takes two or three unplayed games to disappoint me), but I know that the more my career advances and the more traditionally “adult” my life gets (bring on the children!), the less likely I will be to get through what I have. What need have I for the next iteration of expensive consoles and expensive games when I haven’t even eked out what I can from previous investments?

    • Like when I played through Final Fantasy IX recently. It’s not a new game, but it was new to me.

      • Phaelin

        THIS. So many times this. I love opening up a “new” game from the year I graduated high school. And then I get depressed for thinking about it that way.

        Unfortunately I don’t have a good recent example, except maybe Pokemon Blue (I played through Red, never had Blue, does that count?). Most of my recent plays are games I’ve already beaten, such as Fire Emblem Sacred Stones or Kingdom Hearts (fiancee has never seen it and she loves watching me play).

        I’m just glad to know I’m not the only adult with these first world problems.

    • BigLord

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks the same thing… :( Sonic Colours is still taunting me, for example.

      • Anonymous

        Eh? Is it Sonic Colours over in extra-letter-land/Britain?

  • This is normal in Steam. If people’s Steam games were hard copies, we’d take an entire room instead of just one wall.

  • A hilarious and true observation. I’m not quite there yet, I buy a new game and play it for a day or two and that’s about it. Same reasoning: I have it, it’s there, and I can play it any time I want., but I never do after those first few days!

  • antiavenger

    I’m in this same boat. I’m still beating Final Fantasy XIII thanks to losing a save file, I just bought Final Fantasy XIII-2 and SSX the former of which is still in the wrapper and have yet to touch either of them aside from installing the latter onto my hard drive. And worse, I plan to buy 3 used games since I got a buy 2 get one free deal sitting on my Gamestop account.

    Oye… this game queue is quickly getting longer than my Netflix queue.

  • JackVanElraton

    My problem now is beating the game before getting frustrated at a boss and move on to another game to play for a while, or trying to care enough to get all the trophies. Playing an MMO like Final Fantasy XI made things either worse or better however the point of view. Thanks to such online gaming, I’m buying less home console games and only playing one or two online RPGs all the time. Thanks to PSOne classics being able to download on to the PSP and Vita, I may finally beat a few more games. The difference would be during a lunch break or on the bus instead of on the couch.

  • Spa Marrant

    I’m 26 and it’s still the left reaction for me. The trick is to buy a game only once every quarter :P

  • ksharp25

    Its been echoed by others in there, but I have the same issue. I have games I bought used on the cheaper end so that “in case” I never get to them even though I swear “one day” I will, its not as bad since I didnt pay full retail…but there is definitely a proportional rule in my own life

    Console Game time > time spent on “online games” for multiplayer, etc.

    Then I discovered and got hooked on MMOs (EQ2, WoW, SWTOR) so that now

    MMOs = ALL spare game time > console game time = almost rarely anymore.

  • So true. I have 355 unbeaten games up on my Backloggery page.

    • And it keeps getting worse. In just three days, I’ve been given 17 more games. I haven’t even had a chance to try most of them.

  • Ha, so true. But for me it’s not so much a shelf as a Steam library so crammed with untouched goodness that when trying to purchase a new game during a sale I am commonly met with a ‘you already own this game’ message. So many good games and I’ve not even installed them.

    Hmmm. May delay having children another year.

  • Keep it until you retires. There will be plenty of time…

    or not. But I hope yes hehe

    • Forget retirement. I’ll be busy into the afterlife.

  • problemchild

    The problem is obviously that you have entirely too much money.

    • No, the problem is that I don’t have enough. If I had too much, I’d quit work and beat some of the backlog.

  • Danteryu

    Got Mass Effect 2 like 2 years ago and I haven’t even started….now I have to find the time to play that AND ME3.

  • Alleon

    I’m right on the edge of this transition. I can remember when you first started posting comics with this theme and wondering how it could be possible. Well, a few years later with a job and college leaving me with very little free time, I fully understand. A year ago I bought myself the Infamous 2 PS3 bundle, and that game is still in the packaging, even though I do want to play it.

  • Islandboy461

    The only game I’ve ever staved off playing soon after acquisition was Dead Space, and that’s only because I was too scared to play it without my mates around…

  • Heartless

    Not mentioning all the PS3 games i haven´t “platin-ed” or even unwrapped yet, i still have unfinished PS2 and Wii games…by the time i get the urge to play them, both consoles probably have died.

  • Jarrett

    This is sadly becoming true for me. At 23 years old and recently out on my own after graduating from college, I’m kind of in between the two stages but not getting any younger. Within the past year I’ve bought probably 3-4 games that I’ve pretty much forced myself to play at least a little bit just because they had been sitting unopened and I had no plans on playing them due to other games and time constraints. Still haven’t put more than those initial few hours into them though. Hell I almost bought mass effect 3 until, at the last second, I realized that I still had mass effect 2 sitting on my hard drive unplayed because I had only gotten 75% of the way through mass effect 1.

  • Lawyerman

    Lawyerman has been refraining from buying new games so that he can go through his backlog. It’s working out alright. Also consider how a lot of older games were much shorter to beat.
    He got through painkiller and jedi outcast, he’s now working on Brutal Legend.
    Also DeltaBladeX, Lawyerman approves of the avatar.

    • Thanks. Fio is my favourite character in the Metal Slug games. I have the entire series other than XX (which is just an enhanced 7), even 3D, a JP only PS2 game.

      Also, I am now reminded I need to buy and beat Painkiller and Brutal Legend.

  • FireballDragon

    Why does the kid’s face in the first panel remind me of Slappy from Dead Rising 2?

  • Leon V

    You know, this seems somewhat familiar to me.

    I started college back in mid-2007, and among other games, I’m a fan of Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy XII had been released a few months ago, and as a loyal fan (I played XI online too), I played it whenever and wherever I could. At first, this meant going to play at my friend’s house, but everyone eventually started to move away, and lost any save data I might have had. I was cool with that.

    A year passed, I finally found time to buy the game and play it at my leisure. Everything was going fine, I had surpassed my previous save file and was quite happy about. Then my PS3 (one of the first models) broke down and became irreparable. I was downhearted, so I decided not to play that particular game for the remainder of my vacations.

    Another year went by, I dusted off my still functional PS2, memory card and all and began my quest through Ivalice. I was incredibly overzealous and would not sleep, eat, go out or do anything other than play that motherfucking game until it was completely and ruthlessly defeated. I had made even more progress than before. After two weeks, I finally decided to take a break and do something other than play Final Fantasy XII. When I ccame back a few hours later, my Memory Card had been hit when they moved everything in the living room to make way for a new, shinier and prettier television.

    It has been 5 years since I started my quest for Ivalice to fail in the hands of a world that does not want me to see the ending of such a deep game. I have purchased a NEW Memory Card and have sealed it along with the game to play it the moment when I am on my own. I will soon graduate and before I start job hunting, I shall move out of my parents house and install myself in whatever place I can find to finally finish, do everything possible and completely know the ins and outs of Final Fantasy XII.

    I am obsessed with this game, by the way.

  • Vinicius

    This happens to me more times than I like to admit.
    By the way, how was the name of the webcomic that was always featured on top right of the site?

  • X_Intolerable_X

    I’m glad I’m not alone here. I have 10 Xbox 360 games in their original shrink-wrap on my shelf.
    I really gotta start Fable 2 this weekend…

  • Lord Br3ad

    Unfortunatly this is too true. I guess becoming an adult means abandoning our fantasy and enthusiasm for everything a little bit.

    On the other hand: It might just be the games today.