Super Mario Bros. Leftovers [ VIDEO ]

From the multiple posts on the site it should be blatantly apparent that I am a fan of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. And as such, I thought it would be cool to do a video containing some of the characters that didn’t make the cut. I’m willing to bet that you guys can think of tons of other characters that I should have included, but these are the five that I definitely wanted to add. There were other supporting characters that I could think wouldn’t make the cut either (Hardhat from the Mega Man series is one that comes to mind), but I wanted to keep it to what would be considered NES “protagonists.”

I want to thank Giro, Nuckel & Yousuf for getting me copies of the sprites for Lizzie and Dirk the Daring. I really appreciate it.

One last thing, I’m going to be at ConnectiCon Friday through Sunday. So if you’re in at the con or in the Connecticut vicinity, stop by and say, “Hi.”