Five Days of Lull – Boy on a Stick and Slither [ COMIC ]

Only one more day after today of the Five Days of Lull that I mentioned in Monday’s comic. In short I’m running past guest strips that I have done for other webcomics everyday this week in lieu of new content due to limited time constraints. I also think it’s a interesting, retrospective look at some stuff most of you have never seen before.

Behold the blemish on my otherwise perfect record. Over the years, I think I’ve created somewhere between 30-40 different guest strips for various webcomics. Of those all but one have ever appeared on the sites they were created for. This is the one exception. I think I created this comic around May of ’05 when the outer circle was only a couple months old. The comic was created for Boy on a Stick and Slither and from what I remember Steven L. CLoud, it’s creator, did enjoy the comic it just never got used. Not bitter, but when all but one guest strip is used you remember the exception.

Funny side note, this is the first guest strip this week that the comic it was created for isn’t defunct. Make sure to come back tomorrow for the final day of the Five Days of Lull. See you then!