Moot Point [ COMIC ]

Last Thursday, Twitter was “defending against a denial-of-service attack.” This attack caused an outage on their site that began around 9.m. EDT and lasted for a few hour. Now there has been a lot of speculation about who caused the attack, but I personally like CNET’s hypothesis that 4chan was behind it. It makes it a little more interesting when the culprit is actually tangible not a secretive, nameless organization conducting their nefarious deeds from within the shadows. In my opinion at least.

Speaking of Twitter, don’t forget I have a Twitter account as well if you want to start following me.  I actually use it and respond to people who tweet me as well.

So, on Thursday I said that today was going to be the sequel to Tales from ConnectiCon ’09: Part I. Today was suppose to be Monday Mookie. Unfortunately, I didn’t anticipate this happening to Twitter when I wrote that post. So now I planning for Thursday to be Tales from ConnectiCon ’09: Part II a.k.a. Terracciano Thursday!