Video Game Vanity Plates [ IMAGE ]

I originally planned to include the names of the characters below the license plates. But I decided that it would be more fun to let people figure out who’s is who for themselves. This did mean that I had to scrap a few of the tougher plates. For example, one of the scrapped ideas was “PYR8 QT” and I didn’t think people would be able to guess it was Risky Boots from Shantae. See what I mean?

Nonetheless, I did have fun making these. And if you can think of any good ideas for personalize vanity plates for video game characters, then mention them in the comment section below.


  • ed

    ok we’ve got, Mario, Toad, Luigi, Sonic,Tf2 Engy, Pac Man, Some silent character(Gordon Freeman?), Navi, Link, Red, Duke Nukem, and dragonborn.

    • Goggalor

      Dang, Ed. Nice job!

      Yeah, the silent character would more than likely be Gordon as the Black Mesa facility is located in New Mexico.

  • Axel Bordelon

    Okay, so where can I buy these?

  • Exhibit A

    The only question I have is this: why does the Engy have a California licence plate instead of Texas?

    • Preske

      It’s the spy, obviously.

  • Corco

    Okay, took me a while to figure out that HEYLSTN isn’t supposed to be read “Hail Satan”. :P

    • Da Mighty Camel

      … OR IS IT?!

      Seriously, that gave me a good laugh! :D