Portal Tetris [ GAME ]

So does this count as a Game that I am glad was never made…?

When I thought of the idea of Portal Tetris, I felt that a still image or a box cover just wouldn’t do it justice. Then, I considered making it an animated GIF, but still didn’t feel that was enough. So, in the end I decided that an interactive flash piece would be the most effective option.

Has anyone beat the high score, yet? My record still stands at zero.


  • Funkymonk


  • David Herbert

    Well I managed to catch up to your score, but it’s always so hard to go one point beyond.

  • The cake is a line?

    Is it bad I’ve had this running for 10 minutes now?

    • That isn’t a bad thing. How else will you listen to the classic Tetris music?

  • GeneralBison

    I don’t think it counts as a ‘Game that I am glad was never made’ because you just made it!

    • Ryu

      “If I remember correctly, this isn’t the first time.”

  • This is pretty amazing.

  • ARite

    It’s just as amazing as chessboxing and darts for blind xD

  • Where’s the white goo so I can make a line?

  • Locust34


  • StorageOfTheCold

    i dont get it
    how do you play?

    • Sparanda

      You don’t, it plays you.

      • Jakk Frost

        Must be russian…

  • Maik

    Is there cake in this one?

  • Gothic Sora

    It’s evil!

  • Fooligan

    This could actually be a pretty cool game if more pieces were added periodically like normal, but you could manipulate the pieces to move up down left and right and you had to form the pieces in free fall until you had one solid continuous block.

    • Miksa

      I had the same idea, but make it so you can only move them left or right and speed up the fall. When two blocks connect they form a single block and a new block is introduced. It would be interesting to see if it were easier or harder than the normal Tetris.

      • McGloomy

        Try “Catch Mode” on the first Tetris DS. It’s a similar scenario to the one you just described.

        • Meiriana

          Agreed.. The description above does sound like the catch-version of tetris on Tetris DS. And it’s dam fun to play that one xD

  • Sharon


  • pooploops

    Wow that was dumb!

  • Damn you, Steve!!!

    • Steve

      MAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Eat that!!!

    • I have no idea who that other Steve is.

    • FliesThroughPortals

      My sentiments exactly.

  • gwenivive

    It needs a touch more computer despotism, then it’ll be perfect!

    • Mako

      Google traductor reading lines of GlaDOs.

      • Mako

        Like “I Am An Insane Rogue AI”

  • Cynic


  • Q


  • invisiblenothingness

    This is the game that never ends! It just goes on and on my friends!

    • James Birdsong

      Some people started playing it not knowing what was! But they’ll continue playing it just because!

  • TJ

    You should’ve found an 8-bit version of Still Alive, or the radio music and used it instead – more Portal-like

    • Weedmilk

      The radio music is a variation of Still Alive.

  • Collin Jeffries

    Oddly enough, the first think I thought of when I saw this game was how awesome Portal Pong would be. Its been what, 30/40 years, the games due for an update.

  • Brian

    Graphics: 7.0
    Sound: 7.4
    Gameplay: 9.9
    Overall: 8.5

  • Defiant

    lol! i think the box cover for this game would be wheatley looking in making you test XD just the sorta shit wheatley would think up XD

  • Brefin

    I soviet russia…

    • Brefin

      IN soviet russia. /facepalm

  • Gryt

    damn i lost. gonna try harder

  • Mako

    The score is a lie

  • Mark

    Dude, I just shot a portal to the moon and still scored a zero!!!

  • Chris

    The Tetris God is pissed.

  • Meh

    It took me about five minutes and one refresh before I realized that this was the whole game, and no I was not getting the next Tetris piece. To be fair though, I only got four hours of sleep last night so I have been out of it all day.

  • john


  • Dr. Paul

    I want a hard drop button. haha

  • EtherealMoon

    So who got the high score?

  • This was a triumph.

  • Benjamin Collins

    Hey I beat it! the trick is to catch the first block on the edge of the portal