Video Games are like… (Part 2) [ COMIC ]

Judging by the nature of the comic what I am about to say is going to be a weird direction to take the post in, but I wanted to start by discussing something completely unrelated to the comic or gaming. On April 1, someone set fire to the Fun Forest playground at Chesapeake City Park that my daughters play at. It was a lot of fun for the girls and my wife and I really enjoyed taking them there. Well, you see, Sears is running a contest on where the winning park receives a $30,000 makeover. And $30,000 would go very far towards helping rebuild this place we love. All I’m asking you to do is go there and vote for “Fun Forest, Chesapeake, VA.” It’s free to vote, you can vote once everyday and it would mean a lot to me and my family if you did. I truly do appreciate it.

Next off, something relating to the comic is the Dueling Analogs Book 1 pledge drive. It’s still going on and I want to make sure that it keeps going strong. I also want to note that everyone who pledges at least $1 will receive access to behind-the-scenes blog posts about the book’s development. This includes pictures, samples of updates to the comics and I also be announcing the name of the actual book itself in said section next week. That alone should be worth the $1 admission fee. Help a brother out.

If you want to discuss the comic further in the comment section, please do. But those are really the only things I have on my mind right now. If I don’t hear from you below, I will see you guys on Monday…