Classic Dueling Analogs #4 [ COMIC ]

So I’m running another “Classic Dueling Analogs” today or as some of you call it “Too Damn Lazy to Update.” But, I’m too damn tired to dispute that accusation right now. Seriously, I’m so tired that I’m not even going to mention the Dueling Analogs Book 1 KickStarter project is still going on. So lets just agree to disagree.

This is actually the sixth Dueling Analogs comic ever and is also the seventh most viewed comic on the site as well. I received my second piece of hate mail for this comic as well. I’d post the actual message, but it’s archived on one of my old computers I never threw away. But the gist of it was that it was stupid and why would the ghosts paint themselves blue. I guess that person just never played Pac-Man before.

So enjoy this classic strip. I’ll update with new content on Thursday. I know, from talking to you, that a lot of your are other webcomic artists. So you want to send guest strips, go right ahead. Doesn’t mean that I will use it, but doesn’t mean that I won’t. Or not. See you on Thursday…