Red Dot of Doom [ COMIC ]

They’re thinking about calling the new Xbox 360 critical failure indicator the Red Dot of Death [source]. I say no. I get that the Red Ring of Death is a play off of the Blue Screen of Death. And that’s fine as the Red Ring of Death sounded cool. It made you feel as if your console was being surrounded by flames and sacrificed upon the alter of the god of system failures. But Red Dot of Death that sounds like some local news story about teens and laser pointers. Now Red Dot of Doom sounds awesome. Like some sort of ominous being of light that drains the very essence of your soul if you ever see it. Kinda like when they opened the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

That’s why I say on to you internet, unite behind the term Red Dot of Doom. Cast aside your former shackles of death and embrace the impending doom. If you see anyone referring to the failure as a Red Dot of Death correct them. Show them the error of their way and enlighten them to the correct terminology. And if that still fails, make an example of them on 4chan.


  • Kyzin

    Am I the only one that instantly thought of a woman on her period upon hearing “Red Dot of Death?”

  • David

    Poor xbox owners. Oh well, they serve as a warning to the rest of us.

  • Patches

    Not to mention, all of their failed xboxs are currently breathing life into the firey pits of hell for our imminent arrival. :D

  • Liquid

    Call it the Red Dot of Doom (RDoD) but leave mentioning 4chan out of future blog posts. Shit was so childish.

    • It was a joke. I will make sure to use sarcasm tags next time.

  • linuxexorcist

    4chan can destroy you in but a heartbeat should it so wish…
    a (D)DoS has been carried out before, but that’s an extreme measure. spam is easier.

  • Mega

    How about… not having a critical error after 10 minutes of gameplay at all?

  • Ezra

    What about Great Red Spot?

  • Malakav

    how about no more Halo 8 or Gears of War 5…seriously their exclusives are getting old, while sony innovates and nintendo well…their at their 20th mario game…but theyre still fun

  • Lord of the Tubes

    I lol’d at the first panel’s typo: “INCAPABLE OF HAVE”

  • Spartous

    Steve, you’re a funny guy, I appreciate your humor, and I won’t /b/ you for it either.

    Tags: Evil, Douchey, Evil, oh and Sarcasm

  • You know, Red Dot of Death isn’t so bad when you imagine a sniper rifle. Gee, what’s this strange dot on my forehead–arggghgh blarrrg I’m dead. And without going into details, I laugh @Kyzin.

  • todes

    i say let the red rings/dots of death/doom keep coming. its giving me a steady income when i fix the bastards ^.-

  • Cody Rhodes

    I say both aren’t as good as laughing at a guy when his 360 gets the Red Ring of Death (Fail depending on who you are).