The Mr. Masters 3 [ COMIC ]

Welcome to the third incarnation of the Mr. Masters series. For a look back at the previous installments of the Mr. Masters series click here.

In the previous posts comment section, Michael asked: “I’ve been watching the percentage of pledged funds for the dueling Analogs book steadily rise, but on the off chance that the project does not get funded because you do not reach your goal of $7000, what will be the fate of your idea to get a book published?” For starters, I want to make sure to reiterate that if the project is not fully funded I won’t see a dime of the pledges. It’s either all or nothing. But if the project is not fully funded I still plan to publish the book but it wouldn’t be anytime soon. I self-funded the outer circle book years ago and it took me quite a while before I broke even. Plus, when I did fund it I was in a much better place financially than I am now. So I might shop it around down the road, but I fear them changing it. I really want to keep the original content pure. So that’s the gist of it.

So if you do want to see the first Dueling Analogs book sometime this year, I recommend pledging to the drive. And remember you can pledge as little as $1. But make sure to check the page out to see all the goodies offered to higher pledges.

And I will see you on Thursday…