Low Point at High Times [ COMIC ]

Before I go any further into this post, I just wanted to mention that BigBoomBomb.com has had a major backend overall and has had some new items added to the store as well. Plus, I’m doing a re-order of the Cloud Lied, Aerith Died shirt for anyone who wants one and wants to save $2 off of the regular price as well. Check it out!

Back to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Analysts were predicting that the game would have between 200,000 to 450,000 in sales in the first month. Instead the game only sold 89,000 copies [source]. Why? Well, the Nintendo DS (do I need to start calling it the Nintendo DSi now?) apparently is full of kids who’s parents won’t buy them the game and parents who won’t buy good games. Listen parents, you need to buy this game. I want there to be more adult mature high quality content on the Nintendo DS… i and if you won’t buy it as well, developers won’t think it’s a profitable idea.

Now I know what you’re saying, “I have kids and this is not a game for kids.” Who told you that? My guess it was someone who doesn’t like kids or families. Yup. What word goes hand and hand with “family” better than “mob”. Grand Theft Auto has always been mobbed with mob families. Family, family, family. Plus, no child has ever been hurt or harmed in a GTA game either (because there aren’t any in the games). You can’t say that for your Super Smash Bros. Brawl Melee Advanced Mega Jump II Hyper Advanced Turbos, can you? No. And you buy your kids that violent stuff.

So parents, do me and your kids a favor, but mainly me and buy this game. 2K Games took a very big gamble on created a more mature game for the Nintendo DSi that was both awesome and awesomer. And they should definitely be rewarded for it. Definitely.


  • Evac

    Was it an accident that you no longer have a full RSS feed or do you just hate your fans?

  • Jesse

    I feel the same way — I’ll be heading to Superstore to get a copy soon. Except my mom has taken my DS. What a bitch.

  • @Evac No hatred. WordPress was set to display the entire content of the posts in the RSS feed, but apparently it’s not. I need to look into it and figure out why.

  • Could it possibly be that, since this is the 13th title in the franchise, people are just sick of the whole GTA thing?

    Not to mention that even amongst hardcore gamers, I think handhelds are used more for filling in time in short spurts than as the kind of “sit down and get into a big, meaty game” experience that is really needed to attract people to this sort of title.

  • Flamewall

    Well, the reason could also be this thing (http://kotaku.com/5216597/adult-gaming-on-the-ds-the-chinatown-conundrum?skyline=true&s=x) but what the hell do I know.

  • gelugon2105

    I am a little torn about this. Chinatown Wars is a very, very good game. But only for older gamers who can understand why the (anti-)hero has to run around committing acts which are legally and technically crimes. Parents are not likely to purchase this game for their kids, if they do not want the hassle of explaining the grey morality of this game.

    Besides, even if (some) parents do that, they risk turning their children all bitter and adult a little too early. It is quite tragic if some pre-teen or eight year old kid saw a news report about some thug murdering someone he/she just mugged and said “That mister got to eat too. He doesn’t deserve to die!” You hear that and you won’t sleep for a week.

    In any case, I would like to pillory those idiotic analysts though. They probably made an assumption that most DS owners are adults.

  • Dave

    If I published a game called “Pony World 3” on the PC, but made it require a better PC than Crysis, and have the Ponies rendered in intense detail, You’d call me stupid. That’s because games about ponies don’t appeal to the vast majority of people in possession of a High end PC. This is the same situation but reversed.
    A majority of DS owners are Young or Casual Gamers, who aren’t interested in GTA, or aren’t allowed to play. And a vast percentage of the “hardcore” DS gamers, would sooner pirate this game, than go to the shop and fork out the money for it.

  • Jim

    I’d agree that it would be nice to see more decent content on the DS, but I was never a fan of GTA. If I was, I would’ve bought a copy already. However, I don’t see GTA as being a quality game. It pushes boundries to make a buck, just like the rappers in the early 90’s did. “Gee, let’s see how many times we can say “N*****” so we can be on the news!”

  • Steve

    I think it has more to do with the style of the game. I mean it plays like the old 2-D GTAs and no one gave a crap about the 2-D games (according to Yahtzee anyway). The Series never became a household name until it was made with that third dimension in GTAIII (also according to Yahtzee). Honestly I think it got such a high rating only for the fact it had the words Grand Theft Auto in the title. Rockstar could take a dump in a gamecase, call it GTA: Super Happy Fun Time Pony Jamboree, and it would still get various editor’s choice awards.

  • Taroni

    I seen Megaten releasing a ds game in June, although it’ll be teen…
    And I agree DS can truly become waaaay better with more M games (speaking as a 23 uncle who lets his 5 year old nephew play RE5 lol)

  • @Steve Games can succeed on name alone, but it won’t get great reviews across the board simply based on that.

  • Lovely

    Jesse says:
    April 20, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    I feel the same way — I’ll be heading to Superstore to get a copy soon. Except my mom has taken my DS. What a bitch.

    Jesse, why do you call me a bitch? I’ll sell your Nintendo DS, you will never play GTA: CW!

  • @Evac Fixed the RSS feed. Everything should be spitting out fine now.

  • OpinionMan

    Game sales are reflective of perceived quality. If 2k did a bad job marketing this game in a way that appeals to the primary sales demographics of the DSi, then frankly, it doesn’t deserve to sell the number of copies that analysts predicted it would.

    Also, if I were a parent with a ten year old, I wouldn’t buy my kid a rated M game. Your “argument” for why parents should buy it for their kids is laughably simplistic, and your holding opinions on what is or is not quality content is generally irrelevant to what the consumer base of the DS perceives as quality content.

  • Annonymous205

    Dude GTA Series sucks. It really isn’t that great.

  • I haven’t bought the game and I love it.

    I feel like Huang is about to enter my door armed with his trusty sword any minute now o_o

    … seriously though, I feel like I should buy a copy of the game :/ even if my game is in my *ahem*…

  • effing parents man. Good thing mine are from Soviet Russia, I can pretty much get any game.