Video Games are like… (Part 1) [ COMIC ]

Man, am I exhausted. Between the fourth of July and my daughter’s birthday, this weekend has been anything but relaxing. Nonetheless, the weekend is over and I’m back to the comic.

You know what game I’ve been playing recently? Mega Man 64 (Legends). And you know what? Nintendo 64 games look horrible on HD TVs. The game is still fun, but the pixelation takes a little getting used to again. You get so used to crisp 3D graphics that you forget there was a time that they weren’t so… crisp. Also, the voice audio on this game is bad. Not so much the acting, the original Resident Evil prepared me for level of quality that Capcom voice acting would be at that time, but the way it’s delivered. You play the game with your audio at a certain level, but then someone starts talking and you have to turn the volume to the max just to hear it. All the while hoping to be able to turn it back down before it returns to normal levels and blow your speakers out. Regardless, it is a fun game.

I need to find a copy of Mega Man Legends 2 for the PSOne. I see them on eBay starting around $50 USD, but I might try to find it cheaper somewhere else.

I wonder if they will ever make a Mega Man Legends 3. I found an article on from June of 2007 where God Keiji Inafune said, “If I was able to make a sequel without having to worry about money in any shape or form, I think it probably would be Mega Man Legends 3. And that’s not just me — a lot of the original team members would also love to make a sequel. They talk about it. I talk about it sometimes. I know they love that series and so do I. If I were to say right now, I have a tiny, tiny, tiny dream that I wish I could realize, but I don’t know if it’s possible, it would be to do a sequel in the Legends series.” While that is nice and disheartening at the same time I also think there are other options that Capcom might not be exploring. The development costs for Mega Man Legends 3 could be cut drastically by releasing it on the Nintendo Wii or maybe for the PSN or XBLA. And maybe make it episodic as well. It worked well for Telltale Games and Penny Arcade. Who knows…

Ooooo… maybe someone made a good modded/hacked version of one of the Mega Man Legends games with a new story and levels. I should really look into that.

Until next time…


  • I agree with the hookers part, but hookers are way more expensive.

  • Then you’re going to the wrong street corners.

  • finaleve

    If you do come across a mod, let me know. MML series was one of my favorites, even if for the somewhat childish approach. I never finished 2 but was still a good game.

    Maybe even a remake on the Wii like RE4, which would actually be a neat idea.

  • David Weinehall

    Playing Wii on a FullHD TV isn’t exactly a pleasure either…

  • The Anarchyz

    @Steve: That’s right, nobody mentioned call girls or escorts or the girlfriend experience, just hookers, and if they’re crack whores they cost less than a videogame XD XD

    @David Weinehall: Well, that’s partially true, of course it won’t look like the PC/PS3/360, but you can improve it a little, for example, use component cables, it’s a lot of difference from the composite (i couldn’t believe it either).

  • Skaramuche

    MML and sequel are one of my all-time favorite series. Like Zelda with guns more than anything else. Definitely needs a sequel. Tell us about it if you find any legends-related goodies!


    I cant say anything about ML2, but I found my copy of megaman legends (PS1) lying at a used video game store around here for only 8 bucks.

    nice comic, it made me laugh.

  • gelugon2105

    Um, did you go to your daughter’s birthday party, if any? The third panel suggests a hint of remorse, especially since you mentioned your daughter’s birthday and dads in the same update.

  • gelugon2105

    Feel free not to answer the question above though.

  • David Weinehall

    @The Anarchyz: I am using component. That just improves the sharpness though, not the resolution…

  • @gelugon2105 That’s funny. But to answer your question: yes, I went to my daughter’s birthday. My wife and I have been planning it for weeks now. It was very Wonder Pettish party, but then again she’s only three.

    As far as the joke, no remorse. Just a twisted sense of humor.

  • Synl

    I partially agree with point 2, yea, alot of movie games suck, but there are the odd ones that are actually very fun, take Ghostbusters for example.

  • The Anarchyz

    @David Weinehall: That’s what i was talking about, of course the resolution is still 480p, like i said, it will never be like the PS3 or 360 (720p most of the games, 1080p a few) or PC (720p, 1080p or greater), but games like SSB:Brawl, MP-3, ToS2, Zelda:TP, and even Gamecube games look good…

  • Gimmy T

    Legends 2 wasn’t that great. It’s a disappointment compared to 64. If you think 64’s VA is bad, wait til you hear Legends 2. The worst part of the game: Megaman has a high pitched girl voice. That almost ruined the entire game. Gameplay’s fine though, albeit a bitter harder than the first’s. The first one felt more epic though.

    64 is by far one of my favorite games of all time though. A third one would be great.

  • I’d like to see them do another Power Stone. I love 4 player fighters, and it just really deserves to be made.

    Capcom, get off your butts.

  • prime_pm

    Never played Mega Man Legends 1 because I thought it was just some silly kids game; rented 2 because I was really bored and frustrated that I couldn’t finish Grandia because I rushed through it.

    I fucking loved MML2. It was so addictive and fun. I cursed myself for never playing the first game. Today, it may seem outdated and look like shit on an HD screen, but I still liked the story and gameplay to it. Voice overs didn’t really seem to bother me much after awhile; you get used to them.

  • I also need to add The Misadventures of Tron Bonne to the list of games in this Mega Man series that I need to get/play.

  • ChaosInuYasha

    You could always try Amazon for MML2. Me I lucked out and got my copy for FREE from a friend. I had to buy a copy of Skies of Arcadia though…..

  • WayneR

    What a coincidence. I was cleaning up some of my old games today and ran across my Megaman Legends 1 & 2 discs. I immediately put them someone safe and will cherish them as the 3D Megaman games that were actually good.

    Please Inafune-san…Megaman Legends 3