Red Light District [ COMIC ]

To be able to maintain Dueling Analogs status as a “gaming” webcomic. I must mention something pertaining to Duke Nukem or the indefinite status of Duke Nukem: Forever! at least once a year. This comic fills my quota.

First off, since I received so many requests for print version of the Epic Mickey comic, we’re going to offer it up for a limited time on It’s available as an 8″ x 10″ full color print on cardstock.  Also note, this is a test to see if other prints will be available down the road as well. Besides for only $5.95 USD you get a copy of the print and shipping included. Not a bad offer. Check it out!

As far as the comic goes, I honestly have no idea what Duke has been up to for the past decade. But selling his Nukems to get some extra money is as good a guess as any.

I also want to mention that Scarlet Pirate, a female gamer (it makes sense why I mention that if you read her comic and the responses), created this guest comic in response to the comments of the Blue Shell, Blue Balls comic. I really enjoyed receiving this in the email. And on top of that it’s a very creative way to response to the thread going ons. Heck, if I got more stuff like this I’ll have to start a fan art section. Which would also be really cool.

Nonetheless, see you on Thursday…