Red Light District [ COMIC ]

To be able to maintain Dueling Analogs status as a “gaming” webcomic. I must mention something pertaining to Duke Nukem or the indefinite status of Duke Nukem: Forever! at least once a year. This comic fills my quota.

First off, since I received so many requests for print version of the Epic Mickey comic, we’re going to offer it up for a limited time on It’s available as an 8″ x 10″ full color print on cardstock.  Also note, this is a test to see if other prints will be available down the road as well. Besides for only $5.95 USD you get a copy of the print and shipping included. Not a bad offer. Check it out!

As far as the comic goes, I honestly have no idea what Duke has been up to for the past decade. But selling his Nukems to get some extra money is as good a guess as any.

I also want to mention that Scarlet Pirate, a female gamer (it makes sense why I mention that if you read her comic and the responses), created this guest comic in response to the comments of the Blue Shell, Blue Balls comic. I really enjoyed receiving this in the email. And on top of that it’s a very creative way to response to the thread going ons. Heck, if I got more stuff like this I’ll have to start a fan art section. Which would also be really cool.

Nonetheless, see you on Thursday…


  • kittymage

    steve for the love of god why ? CANNOT UNSEE.


  • Samo

    MY EYEEEESS!!!!! MY EYESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! DA GOGGLES, ZEY DO NAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AlexSmith

    Regarding “Epic Mickey”… since I see it now…
    When I think of Epic Games, the first game that comes to mind is actually “Jazz Jackrabbit” and “One Must Fall” – not Gears of War. Uhm… yeah, I’m a bit of an elder gamer…

    Duke Nukem… yeah… joke’s on forever… whatever. Funny that he really looks like “teh Russel”.

  • f0qnax

    That’s quite a penis he’s got there…

  • A.L.

    Good lord my eyes hurt.Damn you Steve.

    Mmm,Epic Mickey print.Probably one of the few Disney things I would buy for myself.

  • Ugh. The outfit was bad enough, then I noticed the package.

    Why did you do this to us? WHYYYYYY????

  • Spike

    wow, right on time, duke just won the CWCville elections this year

  • That penis must’ve been a bit difficult to draw…. IN ZOOM IN! Then explain it to the wife ‘n’ child when they walk in… Granted I don’t think your child can walk yet… well, not that I’ve seen through the window anyway….

    But yeah, I don’t know whether to be turned on…. or vomit… oh, it was the second…

  • bidoopoo

    Dear Christ I’m gonna be seeing that pic every time I close my eyes now man!

    You know there’s a special little corner in Hell reserved for people like you?

    Have fun spending eternity with guys who send you links to goatse, and “2girls-1cup”.

  • ^Anyone willing to send this image as a link to other people? The possibilities :D

  • Impervious

    Um… While I note that many have taken note of his… well detailed wood. Has anyone else noticed the lack of balls? XP

  • gelugon2105

    I am trying to forget what I just saw.

    But really, no game improvement idea can be sillier than Rockstar’s latest wacky, Princess Robot Bubblegum.

  • rai

    you must have enjoyed drawing that…

  • Spiked_Cola

    Well you had a girl gamer last time so as a gay gamer (gaymer for short) let me just …HAWT! Ok the face could do with some work but the rest … :P

    Thanks man, your comic works on so many levels…its disturbing…

  • @Impervious I’m not going to explain how underwear works, but the beans and franks are as one not two separate budges.

    @Spiked_Cola I really appreciate that.

  • Jennifer

    Most of those guys usually wear leather.

  • Impervious

    Speak for yourself. :-P Last I checked, when most guys sport something that pronounced and upthrust, it tends to leave a decided bulge in different areas.

    *cough, ahem* Not going to say how I know all this.