How to Enjoy Tuesday [ COMIC ]

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I’m going to be completely honest…Make plans to play Duke Nukem: Forever. Either now or later, but sometime. Ignore the critics. It doesn’t matter whether they praised or punished the title. Decide for yourself. You alone decide whether it was worth it.

Look, I’m not trying to make excuses. Lord knows I’ve made my own jokes about Duke Nukem: Forever over years. What I’m saying is that this is the holy grail of our video game culture. The mythical title we’ve always being promised, but never actually expected to see. So go into the experience hoping to enjoy it. If you don’t, well then you just take all those hopes and dreams you had for Duke Nukem: Forever and move them over to Starcraft: Ghost. No chance of reality ever crushing them there.


  • boogah

    Well you COULD enjoy tuesday if you werent playing a P.O.S. game like duke nukem forever.

    What a piece of a$$ that turned out to be. They took the coolest most bad a$$ fps character ever, and made him into the guy you want to punch in every bar who says “that’s what she said” after every WORD you say in conversation.

  • Alastor

    If I wanted to play this game, I would go play Gears of War 2. Practically the same game.

    • Alastor

      Except Gears of War 2 was fairly good.

      • Egg

        I Wouldn’t suggest they were a like at all. Gears is over the shoulder combat, gritty atmosphere and heavily focused on cover. While Duke is a single dimensional character, over-the-top first person action with continously rich environments and makes fun of every other title it can including itself.

  • Egg

    Duke Nukem was good, and the one liners didn’t come too often and the one-off jokes were hilarious.

    I think the difference is I haven’t been bothered about this game for the last 12 years and I only paid £2 to rent the game on Friday (UK) :p

    I will advise that the game is short, i know DLC is coming but meh. The only things I need to do is complete on Insane difficulty and the stupid pinball and airhockey achievements

  • From just a while back…

    Totally in-touch lecturer cancels class for Portal 2 release.

  • Jack C.

    how can anyone enjoy DNF? it’s a consolegame now and consolegames usually suck! i mean duke can only carry 2 weapons at a time? WTF? and thats just one of the big let downs. consoles i hate you so much for destroying games that could be awesome if they were pc games!

    • Egg

      it still is available on PC, and naturally better.

      If the lack of infinite weapon storage is you only gripe, I don’t really see your issue. Some games only have one weapon

      • Torchman

        What he’s getting at is unlike old Duke Nukem games, this game is going by the stupid mold games like CoD and Halo have forced upon the FPS genre and that Duke, a game that SHOULDN’T be following that, was shoved into it for some reason.

  • Nuckel

    That game never bothered me and what they came up with by now doesn’t make me want to play it. It looks aged and its humor is boring. Definitely a game for hardcore fans only.

  • DrugCrazed

    Well, it’s…not brilliant. That’s the only thing I can say.

  • BigLord

    I really REALLY want to play this. The game just screams hilarious to me, even if it isn’t top-notch material.

    My bod-Errr, PC is ready.

  • JerreyRough

    I was going to buy it, then I decided to wait. Then I magically got into the First Access Club (owned Borderlands on Steam) so I decided to wait and try the demo. I didn’t like it at all, though I’ve heard that the demo doesn’t represent the actual game at all (isn’t that the purpose though?).

    I’m not for-sure not getting it though because of TotalHalibut’s WTF is Duke Nukem videos. I have to agree with what he says there.

  • duke

    I played it, finished it. It was brilliant :) :)

    only criticisms that i keep hearing are “outdated humour”, it “took forever” and “gfx are teh suck”.

    well i dont only play games for the shiny gfx, it did take a while but who cares about that now.. its here, and i wouldnt say outdated humour, its fitting of dukes style. i played the pc version and thought it was great. well worth my monies

    • theycallmeDREW

      I found it to be pretty damn boring honestly. I’d say check out WTF is Duke Nukem on Youtube if u haven’t played it yet. TB summed up most of my thoughts pretty well.

  • Serin

    One good thng about being stationed in Korea: International Release Dates apply on Steam. So, while I had to wait for the 10th for Red Faction: Armageddon, I also got to get Duke Nukem Forever half a week before my friends in the US of A.

    And I find that it’s a welcome addition to the Library.

    I won’t spoil anything, but for those of you who have paid attention to the series, you are going to finds tons of shout-outs and callbacks. Heck, there’s even a line that goes ‘Better than Freckle Bitches!’, a shout out to the Saints Row games. For a lot of people just getting in some of the humor may go over your head, but for us gaming geeks you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Geist

    Don`t buy PC-Version! It’s totally a consol convert. Even key`s for driving are not selectable.

    Finished it after 10h.
    Mulitiplayer is as boring as possible.

    I really WAS a big fan of Duke… but now…

  • DNF is a game for those of us who had functioning memory of the late 90’s and played DN1&2 and D3D, when FPS gaming was still Doom-style multi-weapon linear level shoot em-ups. Then they promised us something different, something revolutionary. It never came, and 13 years later, that revolutionary has already happened in the form of other games. DNF was finished in it’s original form to show us what we WOULD have experienced 13 years ago and honestly if it came out on time, we might’ve thought differently about some games today. Or not. It really doesn’t matter.

    If you’re expecting the next Halo, CoD, ME, or GoW, then you are either 13 years old, or barking up the wrong goddamn tree. Get your Nostalgia Goggles and Old Neckbeard on, this is a game for those who remember when the main character in your FPS had a voice and doesn’t give a shit about today’s politically correct culture.

    • TG

      Oh yeah! Hail to the King baby!

  • Kira

    I’m absolutely torn at this point. I preordered this game about a couple months ago. With all the new videos and screens (on top of the nostalgia factor), I was super pumped to get this game.

    When the demo rolled around, I was super excited. After downloading it, I sat down with wide-eyed wonder in anticipation of something that would blow me away. It didn’t. But fret not, I’m not about to go on about how I thought it was bad or something. The problem was that I hyped this game up so much in mind that it was inevitable that it wouldn’t meet those expectations. I certainly had to put myself back into the era of FPSs of a decade ago to see the game for what it was, not for what it was trying to be.

    So, I was called about my reservation had come in at my local Gamestop. Now with all the negativity I’m hearing across the Internet (not all of it is negative though, I mean, see some of the above comments), it’s hard not to be hesitant to spend 50+ on it now. I don’t want to let the masses sway my opinion about buying it, but it’s hard not to let it influence my decision.

    However, I’ll still try and buy it anyways. If nothing else it might be good for a laugh.

  • Joey-D

    Yeah i’d rather go to work

  • Frustrated

    I feel this comic was a cop out >:(

  • Steve Nap

    This is funny because Steve loves a game is almost as shitty as the comic. Just another unsurprising look into Dueling Analogs.

    • Steve Nap’s Mom

      Blow it out your ass. It’s easy to criticize, but both the game and the comic are far better than anything you’ve ever accomplished in your life.

      I wish I’d had an abortion.

  • Guy Incognitus

    5: Return Duke Nukem Forever.
    6: Go to work. “It must have just been one of those 24 hour bugs”.

  • I’ve never played Duke Nukem. It never caught my interest. Doesn’t seem like I’m missing much :/