The Longest Boneyard [ COMIC ]

Today’s comic is kind of an eleventh hour idea. The comic I was original planning to do today was coming out the way that I was hoping. So at the last minute I started pondering things that were Halloweenish for the season. I thought of jack-o’-lanterns, then Jack Skellington, then that the Predator collects skulls and here we are. Originally, I was going to have Jack Skellington’s head in the Predators hand. But in the end I felt Grim Fandango was a more suitable fit.

Seen Next GTA‘s teaser image in Libery City Episodes manual? Wanna know my guess of where it will take place? Texas/Mexico. Perfect place for the next Grand Theft Auto game. Two different countries, tons of diversity, drug running, smuggling people across the border, oil rigs to blow up… tons of new stuff to do. But that’s only my speculation. But it is where I have been suspecting the next game would take place for a while now. Agree or disagree, your opinions are always welcome.

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See you on Monday and have a Happy Halloween!