What if xkcd… [ COMIC ]

I know that xkcd is not a gaming comic. But so many of you email me about this being a What if…? comic that I thought I would finally do one. To justify me doing so: Video games are built by using programming languages. Math is a core foundation of programming languages. xkcd is about math. Thus, xkcd is about video games. Or something like that… All I really know is that I always enjoy reading xkcd, but keep forgetting to add it to my links page. I really need to do that this weekend.

Side note… I want to say that I’m sorry for the delay with this comic and lack of a Thursday update last week. I was pretty sick over the past week and just didn’t have the energy or motivation. Sorry… But I do what to thank Chris for giving a damn. He’s a really good guy with a great comic.

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