Grand Theft Auto: Zombieland [ COMIC ]

I guess this would technically be a Games that I am sad were never made….

After I first saw Zombieland, I thought to myself that that universe would be a good place to have a Grand Theft Auto game take place in. But wouldn’t that basically be a Dead Rising clone? Nope. And let me explain why.

Dead Rising is a timed survival game. You need to move fast and track of your time carefully if you want to get anything accomplished. Not in GTA. Sure you’ve got missions, but you also have the freedom of going around and screwing with the masses at you leisure. Honestly, the biggest difference between this and a regular GTA game would be that when you fire a gun into the crowd, they don’t run away but try to devour your flesh.

Think about it. Most of the NPCs in GTA games are basically zombies with very few advanced characters to interact with… just like Zombieland. Plus, you could have cool things like a zombie radio station where all the singing in the songs are just moans and they have commercials about brains, too.

I know there are more ways this game could work really well. Looking forward to hearing your ideas about it as well.

Side note… This comic makes me think of a major shortcoming of webcomics… “time.” While I am pleased with the way this comic turned out, I know I could do a lot more if I actually had to the time work on it more. Problem with webcomics and this not being my full-time job, is that time is not a luxury you have. After a certain point, just got to stop and say, “Good enough.” and then move on. Or you’ll never get it finished. Just something that I felt like mentioning.


  • I’ve never seen Zombieland… I never really wanted to (Because everyone knows that Shaun of the Dead is the best zombie film ever), however I hear that it is quite good… I still wont see it… it just surprised me on the good things people were saying about it.

  • Keaira Bluewind

    Having just seen the film last night, I am in total agreement and think that this would be the only GTA game that I would actually buy.

  • Pie

    TWINKIES !!!!

  • Morgan

    Freaking awesome idea for a game, never seen Zombieland either, shaune of the dead though was hillarious. But I have enjoyed GTA since 1 on my pc and playstation. With the whole or most of the town trying to eat you it would be awesome.

  • A.L.

    Still want to see that movie,doesn’t sound nearly as dumb as Adventureland.About the game,there could be segments similar to the stunt segments that appear throughout the game where you can get points based on how many zombies you mow over in a row and bonus points based of the number of group smashes you can get.It would be genius :D!

    Also,after the last few comics you did,can’t blame you for your sentiment.It’s difficult churning anything out that high quality and then working a full time job.The over as Raven’s does an insane job of making sure he gets in three pages a week and the other week he managed to do about 5 or 6 inbetween the two jobs he’s doing.Now that’s a real man’s comic artist for ya.

  • A.L.

    Also I’ve been reading your comic for a year now.Jubilation!

  • aithon

    oh GOD i want to play it!!

    Achievement Unlocked: Zombie Kill of the Week!

  • Jesterrr

    I suggest looking at then.

  • Rob

    Actually, when Vice City was still fresh there was a zombie mod for the PC version. It was pretty decent, but not as epic as Z-Land. You started out in the film studio area with a few remaining survivors and you would get missions like retrieving items or destroying things. It’s been years since I’ve played it, but as I recall it was pretty fun. Here’s a vid of it in action:

  • harharsdays

    Yeah if only you were able to have more time, not bad for how much time you had. Can see where you say you can improve some areas.

  • OwlSaysSouth

    yeah, the Zombie game Genre is way underdeveloped by major companies. i still dream of the ultimate Zombie game. co-op of course. random starting zone. different character classes with their advantages and disadvantages. would be epic.

    as for the movie itself… i am a huge fan of Shaun of the Dead. i am Now a huge fan of Zombie Land as well. they are so alike, and so different at the same time. while Shaun was a Romantic comedy… with zombies, Zombie Land was an Action movie comedy… with zombies. Shaun of the dead was the british to zombie land’s american. drama versus action. so well done, i highly recommend both, and each other if you like one.

    So get out there and see the movie, Learn the Rules! its time to nut up or shut up!

  • As I haven’t seen the movie I can’t really comment, but if I saw a GTA with that cover I’d think very seriously about taking it home.

    And there would be lotsa people in the store saying “Oooooh, it’s got zombies now!”

    And Jack Thompson would have an heart attack

  • heywowthat


    Left 4 Dead 2.

  • @heywowthat Left 4 Dead is a survival first person shooter. Grand Theft Auto is a sandbox-style action-adventure third person game. No where near the same thing.

  • H3xx

    The hidden packages could be Twinkies, and every time you perform one of the rules, it pops up just like in the movie. I so fucking want this game. you should start emailing this idea around. Hey every one, lets spam Rockstar’s in-box with this idea until they make it!!!

  • H3xx

    Double Tap!!

  • Insomnia

    Ok, this is an AMAZING idea, and I agree. I’m sad it’s not an actual game too…

  • Komrade

    Imagine that. You hit an obstacle and go flying out the windshield, giant letters appearing on the ground as you smear across it: “Seatbelts”.

    Feckin’ Epic.

  • Gofo

    Congratulations, this is now the background on my iPhone

  • prime_pm

    I want this game. BADLY

    I don’t care if it takes a friggin’ eighth generation of consoles just to do it. I want this game to come out of anything. I’ll buy the system just for that.

    Like I did for Dead Rising.

  • Xuncu

    Oh, ho hoooo, that would be sweet!

    Unlockable vehicle: Roman War Chariot— y’know, the hardcore kind that had what were basically hilt-less swords for hubcaps. The horses could be armored, or vampire horses or something.

    Or a riding mower. The giant ones they use to mow the lawns of large schools.

  • David

    @Rob: I remember that Vice City mod. I must have played it in a real early stage of development because I remember all I could think at the time was ‘this is way too good an idea to be a game this terrible’.
    I’m still waiting for a GTA starring a lose cannon cop pushed over the edge by how corrupt the system is. It pretty much writes itself. Of course now they’ve gone all dramatic it’ll probably never happen. Maybe if I ask nicely Saints Row will do it in a DLC expansion.

  • This game would be the coolest game ever, other than TF2 anyway (Not TF2 Zombie fortress).

    It would be really awesome if any game dev. company made a game where it happens realistically and it isn’t just shooting. Mini-games for stockpiling stuff and the main game mostly involves traveling around cities, shooting any zombies you see (or letting them follow you), and looking for survivors.

  • Aaron

    Must… Have… High… Rez… Poster…

  • gelugon2105

    One has to keep in mind that throwing zombies into a game franchise won’t necessarily make it better. Always recall examples like Onee-chanbara and the recent Undead Knights whenever you think of this.

    Introducing zombies into game franchises is now, I believe, a very smelly, decomposing trend. Call of Duty: World at War is proof it is now done to death. It would take major game development ideas and effort to make the zombie theme worthwhile, otherwise it just turns into another Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop.