Grand Theft Auto: Zombieland [ COMIC ]

I guess this would technically be a Games that I am sad were never made….

After I first saw Zombieland, I thought to myself that that universe would be a good place to have a Grand Theft Auto game take place in. But wouldn’t that basically be a Dead Rising clone? Nope. And let me explain why.

Dead Rising is a timed survival game. You need to move fast and track of your time carefully if you want to get anything accomplished. Not in GTA. Sure you’ve got missions, but you also have the freedom of going around and screwing with the masses at you leisure. Honestly, the biggest difference between this and a regular GTA game would be that when you fire a gun into the crowd, they don’t run away but try to devour your flesh.

Think about it. Most of the NPCs in GTA games are basically zombies with very few advanced characters to interact with… just like Zombieland. Plus, you could have cool things like a zombie radio station where all the singing in the songs are just moans and they have commercials about brains, too.

I know there are more ways this game could work really well. Looking forward to hearing your ideas about it as well.

Side note… This comic makes me think of a major shortcoming of webcomics… “time.” While I am pleased with the way this comic turned out, I know I could do a lot more if I actually had to the time work on it more. Problem with webcomics and this not being my full-time job, is that time is not a luxury you have. After a certain point, just got to stop and say, “Good enough.” and then move on. Or you’ll never get it finished. Just something that I felt like mentioning.