Where’s Duke Nukem Forever? [ COMIC ]

Duke Nukem Forever was announced a decade ago. You know what else was going on one decade ago? We were playing our Nintendo 64s and Playstations, 28800 baud modems were bad ass and there was no such thing as Penny Arcade. A lot happened in the past ten years. Unfortunately the release of Duke Nukem Forever was not one of them.

Personally I feel sorry for 3D Realms. Not because they haven’t released the game yet. But because every year that goes by people’s expectations grow and the standard of quality increases. It would have been much better for them if the game would have been released before the Halos, Bioshock, the Metroid Primes and Gears of War. Here’s hoping they’re still up for the challenge and the game doesn’t become another vaporware.

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