PC vs. Console: Part II – Console Gaming [ COMIC ]

Well…I did what I said and I said what I meant. A webcomic creator keeps his promise sixty-two point five percent. So a month ago I created the first part of this two part series. Now one month later the second part is finished.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Not because I couldn’t find reasons to justify why PC gaming, but because there really aren’t any arguments/stereotypes towards console gamers that could be deemed as personal attacks. Remember, I’m not trying to logically justify one media over the other here. I’m just trying to add fuel to the fire and watch the flames grow.

For example: “Hey, console gamer. You’re stuck with inferior hardware, it’s got lower screen resolution, you can’t upgrade it, the limited choice of games you have cost more than their PC equivalent and you’ve got no mouse or keyboard that greatly diminishes playability of certain genres of games.” How can you get mad at that? Pretty much everything mentioned is indisputable and if you do want to dispute it there’s more than enough facts/figures online to easily prove the statements as true.

Now look at other side: “Hey, PC gamer. You’re a social reject who’s only friends are the people see online, but I guess that works for you. Imagine you actually had a girlfriend, then you wouldn’t be able to spend all your free-time and money upgrading your PC for the latest thing Gabe Newell let you suckle from his sweaty teet.” Now those are definitely stereotypes and derogatory comments that people could take offense to. Justifiable? Maybe for a select few, but definitely not a majority. But still, they do make for good internet fodder.

The reality is, at the end of the day, a case could easily be made for why to choose one platform over the other depending on the individual and their end goal. But this is the internet. We’re not trying to logically discuss anything. We just want to see how long it takes before Godwin’s Law goes into affect…And maybe see some porn along the way, as well.


  • Yusaku777

    Not Safe For Work
    Not Safe For Sanity

    And thus, with both conditions met, this topic can be closed.

    • Dude, that’s hilarious. Does Kyoko know you look at stuff like that? ;)

    • Anonypony

      I just like that the shortened URL knows what people will do when they see that picture.

  • fishpotato

    I take offence at what you said. I am now mad. I am having sexual relations with your mother, and there is a significant probibilty that you will loose your hair sometime in the next 20 years.

  • K

    “…whose only friends…” and “…goes into effect…”. That said, good job, I see your dilemma and you solved it quite well.

  • I agree whole heartedly with what you said, and how your experience makes that possible. I see the equation as Console game = buy dumb add ons (kinect cough) + games = several years of gameplay. PC game = game + video card + memory + RAM + other shit I don’t know about omg who the eff knows about computers???

    Though, even with that said, I’m totally addicted to Steam. But only for Terraria.

  • Chareon

    Sadly these days Console gamers seem to have the better end of the gaming selection. In fact most games these days except for MMOs and most RTS’s tend to be designed for console first and if PC players are lucky ported over. (Lucky being relative since so many of these ports turn out poorly.) Yes there are still a few developers pushing new content primarily for the PC, but it is most definitely in the minority compared with the selection consoles have available.

    At least that is my take on it. I can’t say I’ve experienced both sides as I don’t own any consoles newer than the N64.

    • Demigod of After Dinner Mints

      ^ All of this.

  • NickNackGus

    If either console or computer developers were smart, they would be by listening to these complaints and doing something about it. :P

  • Triaxx2

    Seriously? You had to mention Godwin’s law? Now I’m required to mention Nazi’s just to spite you.

    Ha ha ha.

  • The Anarchyz

    How can you say those things about console gamers, just like Hitler attacking the Jews

    There, i did it, Godwin’s law applied…

  • Mygaffer

    This was much better than the PC one. Why? Because your jokes all pertained to the platform itself and not playing off gamer stereotypes.

  • Jack C.

    hey guys i’ve got another really good one: why are consolegamers stupid? because the only thing you can do with a console is play games!

    • Frounie

      Yeah, because on the PC you can watch movies and download music!

      … Wait…

    • Seifer

      2 words for you my kind, but rather lacking in intellect sir: Custom Firmware. You are now enlightened and can venture forth in the world. I’ll go read something on my PSP.

      • imtoolazytothinkofaname

        Let me rephrase what you just said: on PC you can steal out of the box, on consoles you need to install custom firmware.

      • PC FTW

        Sir, I challenge you to install a custom firmware without access to a PC (or Mac if you absolutely must)

        PC Rules All!!

  • imtoolazytothinkofaname

    Mac is a PC. Prove me wrong.

    • PC FTW

      Well, since PC stands for Personal Computer, I dare say you are correct sir!

      All Macs ARE PCs, but not all PCs are Macs
      Even a Mac server is still just a PC with a server OS loaded, no server specific hardware inside!

  • Detis

    Being someone who has owned a 360, currently has a PS3 and a PC for gaming this is my take. Most games I get are PC and those games are on the console anyway and I prefer to have my mods and so on. PC isn’t hard to update, know the parts if you’re willing to READ or put some knowledge behind your gaming. I only get games I know that won’t ever port due to no market for it, or just an exclusive for the console. PS3 covers my exclusive needs. PC covers everything else. I still see plenty of games released on PC so no worries there if you’re patient being in second place to get those arcade games (which I don’t really bother with unless they’re highly recommended). I also own a PSP and a DSi both of which I get their own games cause they have their own worth.

    Do mainly console gamers have a selection of gaming that’s great? Of course and they’re tailored to cause a lot of the population has those consoles, so yeah the market for game devs and gaming companies are gonna be that next new console and games for that console. $$$ all the way. PC is that section of town that the companies are too scared to dive in cause they might get mugged by pirates (oh mans like it doesn’t happen on consoles). So they toss leftover goods in a steel boxes out there with a fishing line for the honest consumers have to deal with, while pirates crack anything easily no matter what so far. Of course you have your indies dabble in both sides, and still come out on top either way. While some companies are about the PC and embrace it’s deep and ‘dangerous’ waters. Sure consoles get the ‘easy’ road in getting games and just playing with add ons. Yet PC still has the extra sweets on top and the mod community. Blow for blow, tit for tat.

    Personally I roll with PC all and console exclusive, haven’t regret it yet.

    • NotAName

      I own a fairly powerful custom PC. I built it for Starcraft II and Civilization 5 (and Diablo III once that comes out). That said, except for RTS games, I prefer my 360. Yeah, it doesn’t look as nice – but so what? It isn’t a huge difference anymore, as a console is essentially merely an older PC nowadays. Furthermore, the achievement system is still unparalleled on Xbox Live, IMO, and while I’m not addicted to achievements, I definitely prefer getting them to not. And I’ve never been that into mods – by the time really good mods come out for PC games, I tend to be on to newer games. In fact, the only mods I have ever played were DoTA for Warcraft III and Element TD for Warcraft III/Starcraft II.

      And finally, while a mouse and keyboard allow for more precision and control, I prefer the gamepad for most game types. Ever since Halo came out, I have preferred the Xbox controller to the PC controls – they just don’t seem as fluid. Especially the WASD controls for movement when compared to an additional analog input. That’s a personal choice, but it’s what I prefer.