Feliz Natal [ COMIC ]

Does Microsoft even check other languages besides English before it comes up with titles for products? Natal means “Christmas” in Portuguese, bing (ie. Bing.com the new Mircosoft search engine) means “disease” in Chinese [source], and Xbox 360 means “not a Playstation 3” in Japan.

First off, I’m taking the term “prenatal fuckup” back. As far as I’ve seen on the internet, that shouldn’t be too hard. It’s only used on one other website on the net (according to Google) and only used by one other person, as well. It’s like the term “jacktard”… I’ve heard other people use it as well, but I guess it might be a regional thing. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone called a prat, but that doesn’t mean people don’t. Nonetheless, I have submitted the term to Urban Dictionary. I recommend that everyone use this term wisely on your own blogs and in your everyday life. Let’s make prenatal fuckup a part of everyone’s normal life.

Edit: The term “prenatal fuckup” has been approved and is now part of UrbanDictionary.com. You can check it out here.

As far as the Microsoft Natal, I think it looks cool. But I would much rather hear what youse have to say about instead of ranting here myself. So… comment away!