Now I want a PS VITA even more. Curse you Sony!

source: YouTube


  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Poor PS Vita.

  • Heartless

    Even though i own the Vita and no 3DS (yet, waiting for a good bundle with decent colours coming to germany…) i laughed hard, especially about CoD at the End ;)

    I´m really glad i own the Vita, especially since the PS+ Service includes free Vita games for some time now, so i got Gravity Rush, Metal Gear Solid HD and some smaller games for free (i owned wipeout, uncharted and illumines before they came on +), but i can see why so many people complain about a lack of games, it´s a fact! Even if you play any kind of genre i can´t count more than 10 good (imho) full-price games and there is not a lot coming..
    I think there may be a significally increase when FFX and FFX-2 are finally released, but that´s still half a year away.