PC vs. Console: Part I – PC Gaming [ COMIC ]

Haven’t really posted a questionable comic in the past month. I felt it was about time to remedy that. Plus, it gives the professional trolls out there something to gripe about. Just kidding. You know I love you guys.

I want to give credit to Jack C., our resident anti-console/pro-PC commenter, as he is the inspiration for today’s comic. Not because I’m taking some sort of stance on PC vs. console gaming. If you hadn’t notice the title of today’s comic does say Part I in it. That means there will be a console gaming followup with lots of console jokes. “You mean like the Nintendo Wii?” Hey, who said that?

No, the reason for the comic is because the ongoing feud of which is better for gaming, PCs or consoles, is a pretty heated debate and I just love adding fuel to the fire. Remember, I’m a Mac user. So by default if I want to game I can either game on a console, buy a PC to game on or run some sort of PC emulator on my computer…But that’s kinda like moving out of the city to avoid the rampant crime only to invite a drug dealer to come live with you when you get there.

So enjoy Part I. I’m going to be working extra hard on Part II as myself predominantly being a console gamer I want them to be doubleplusgood. And for the female PC gamers out there… I’m sorry. I know some of these jokes may or may not necessarily apply to you. I wasn’t trying to be exclusive. Just joking on male PC gamers was more funny for me. I’ll try to make fun of you later.