PC vs. Console: Part I – PC Gaming [ COMIC ]

Haven’t really posted a questionable comic in the past month. I felt it was about time to remedy that. Plus, it gives the professional trolls out there something to gripe about. Just kidding. You know I love you guys.

I want to give credit to Jack C., our resident anti-console/pro-PC commenter, as he is the inspiration for today’s comic. Not because I’m taking some sort of stance on PC vs. console gaming. If you hadn’t notice the title of today’s comic does say Part I in it. That means there will be a console gaming followup with lots of console jokes. “You mean like the Nintendo Wii?” Hey, who said that?

No, the reason for the comic is because the ongoing feud of which is better for gaming, PCs or consoles, is a pretty heated debate and I just love adding fuel to the fire. Remember, I’m a Mac user. So by default if I want to game I can either game on a console, buy a PC to game on or run some sort of PC emulator on my computer…But that’s kinda like moving out of the city to avoid the rampant crime only to invite a drug dealer to come live with you when you get there.

So enjoy Part I. I’m going to be working extra hard on Part II as myself predominantly being a console gamer I want them to be doubleplusgood. And for the female PC gamers out there… I’m sorry. I know some of these jokes may or may not necessarily apply to you. I wasn’t trying to be exclusive. Just joking on male PC gamers was more funny for me. I’ll try to make fun of you later.


  • Rpspartin

    “Doubleplusgood” Was I sensing a 1984 reference there ?

    • Yup.

      • Bigburito

        referencing actual works of literature?!? BLASPHEMY! :D

  • kai

    Wow… this is not funny. At all. I can enjoy a good joke, even if it takes a jab at me, but these are just… bad.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I like this webcomic, and most of the strips are good. Except this one.

    • Oh, come on. That last panel was clever. Still makes me chuckle.

      • Tweeg

        Don’t worry anyone with a sense of humour will find this hilarious.

        every single punchline was spot on.

        And the last one was pretty damn witty.

        Keep up the good work man.

      • Mygaffer

        To be honest I really didn’t like this comic. The topic of PC vs. Console is definitely a fine one for humor purposes but the comic really lays thick the stereo type of the fat gamer who can’t get a girl, a stereotype that applies to all gamers certainly and not just PC gamers. I wish you had not gone for the cheap shots but rather had actually made some relevant jokes about the platform itself.
        I like the site and I am a regular reader but this disappointed me. I hope you’ll take a different tack for the anti-console one coming next.

        • PC FTW

          Now, this is not meant to poke fun at Gaffer (even though it kind of does). This would seem to be something that only someone sensitive to the stereotype would take offense to. I hate to say it, but the mental image conjured when you think of a PC gamer is certainly not some svelte muscle-bound deity of a man, but a plumpish pudge-pudge of a nerdly nature. If you feel this does not apply to you, then it shouldn’t bother you beyond the fact that some of these guys need to get a life (or at least a decent dietary intake).

          Let’s not forget about the fact that the idea of a “console gamer” brings to mind images of Billy the beer-pong champion tea-bagging nooblets who are just learning to play a game and then in turn having a miniaturized scrotum dropped on his own forehead by a 10 year old spewing enough profanity to make George Carlin blush.

          I say worry not about the stereotypes, worry more so about the truth therein.

          • Mygaffer

            Maybe for younger folks there is some kind of perceptual difference between PC gamers and console gamers but the public at large, especially the older generation, makes no such distinction. The stereotype of a fat shut in who has never touched a boob has been one ALL gamers have had to fight against for a long time. Many people are afraid to let their boss or prospective employer find out they game b/c of the negative stereotypes associated with the activity.
            Anyway, I don’t want to be the guy who talks about how awesome he is and all the tail he gets but I will say I don’t fit the stereo type in the least. As gaming becomes more mainstream I want us to drop these marginalizing stereotypes. This would have been a much, much stronger comic had he made the jokes about things specific to the PC as a platform, not jokes poking fun at a stereotype that for most people holds just as true for console gaming as it does PC gaming.

  • lololol

    It’s funny how you show and alienware computer for PC when most PC gamers despise alienware

    • Really? I thought I was being nice there. My bad.

    • Mordordevil

      “PC gamers despise alienware”
      Not sure where you get that information. I’ve had my Alienware Laptop for over two years now.

      • Anon

        PC gamers mainly despise Alienware desktops because they’re much more expensive than building one yourself (and have too many flashy lights IMO). Laptops are fine since you can’t really build them yourself (although I have a Clevo which is the closest you can get).

      • TruePCgamer

        Ahh…you must be one of those wanna-be PC gamers.

  • Twixs dont help in bed

    I like Alienware? Does that make me a bad Pc Gamer or just a Ironic one?

    • Xicuzab

      Nope you just have the sports-car of pc gaming , it costs more than any other car and only goes marginally faster.

  • Anon

    Nice comic. And a noble goal to offend everyone in the later parts, no matter what their gaming choice. The ironic thing is that I’m a console gamer (PS3) but my friends are PC gamers, so I’m the one playing with myself (that sounds… wrong).

  • White Rice

    I know that I’m (at least online) a bit of an oddity when asked about my gaming platform. I game, period. Console (well, I don’t own a 360, but have friends who do, and can play with them when needed, and own all the other stuff that’s out there), PC, tabletop, arcade, board, card, pen & paper, word, whatever. I’ve always felt that what you game on isn’t as important as the fact that you DO game. After all, we play these things primarily for fun, so what’s the issue, so long as fun is being had? Yes, some games play better on different platforms, and exclusive titles make it so one needs to change from their comfort zone at times (if they want to play, that is) and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I prefer shooters on PC, but have some for PS3, prefer RPGs on consoles, and have some on PC, and am always up for random board games where one minute everyones fighting for survival, the next you’re the invisible crazy guy with a gun trying to kill ’em all (Betrayal at the House on the Hill, fun board game, very random)

    So, sorry to dampen the constant flames of Console v. PC, but that’s my two cents. (also, I found the PC gamer jokes silly, and have seen that type of stuff online before, so I don’t see it as being off base from what people have said before [that was kinda redundant; oh well])

  • ML

    These aren’t funny. You have a lack of knowledge with the platform you’re attempting to insult, and you’re resorting to basically all fat/nerd jokes that make no sense. If they were clever or funny, I would of responded differently, but it seems to me like it’s a half assed attempt to attract attention.

    So with that being said, I unsubscribed to the RSS feed that I get receiving your webcomics. Good day.

    • somehow…i think we’ll survive without you :-)

    • R4tchet1996

      Wow, How long have you been on the internet for? Using these types of jokes is the whole bloody point! PC gamers are fat neckbeards, 360 gamers are Jocks or 12 year olds, The Wii is for kids and the PS3 has no games. Stereotypes.

      • Dave

        Hey, you leave my neckbeard out this, it’s a hormone imbalance.

    • Tweeg


      Someone needs a hug

    • Relyks1988

      @ML: *Would have, not would of. That is all.

  • Tom

    The whole console vs PC debate is stupid. They’re both good at what they do.

    If it’s down to keyboard & mouse vs controller, then it’s PC for FPS/RTS games, but a controller will do for others (of course, you can always get a controller for your PC).

    PCs are more expensive, but it’s more than just a gaming/media device. Macs are even more expensive, but… you can’t… play games on them?

  • Dood54

    The more technically knowledgeable of us build our own PC’s. So I see no reason to waste money on consoles when they have no other use then playing the few (very expensive) games that are console only exclusives. And besides I can emulate everything up to the ps3 and xbox 360. In a few years, we’ll emulate those too
    Heck, I’ve even made a MAME Arcade cabinet from my old pc parts.

    Consoles are mostly for teenagers and those that have macs (like you mr.Steve “AppropriateFirstName” Napierski)

    • R4tchet1996

      Your elitist is showing.

      • Dood54

        oh please, everyone these days is elitist. What with, Android, iPhones,iPads, Macs, Linux, Windows, Console fanboys always bitching about something.
        So I say fuck it, I’m going to be an elitist tool too

        • NickNackGus

          Yay! A Linux reference! Most people don’t seem to know it exists, yet odds are they don’t know they use it every day!

          • Doode54

            That may have been true ten years ago, maybe even five years ago but no longer.

            Many people and businesses know and use Linux, especially in developing countries.
            Ubuntu has a quite large market share these days. And Android has now surpassed both apple and rim
            And maybe it could be even larger if the community would contribute more to projects like wine, or reactos so we could use it for more thing then just debugging and software development.

      • Dood54

        If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

        Why should they have the all the fun of being a douche

    • Duncan

      I have emulators for every console ever released, except the PS3, and that’s only because I haven’t found any PS3 games that I think are worth anything. The 360 games can run a bit low in the framerate department, but I’m running a 4 year old laptop, so that isn’t surprising.
      For those knocking Alienware, or liking it, it’s only a Dell (who bought the Alienware company a few years back) in a fancy case. You can literally build a Dell with exactly the same stats as the Alienware and pay half the price.

  • Cynic

    PC and console gaming have their own merits on really, every front.

    PC, hardware:
    +infinitely scaleable, money spent on upgrades also means you have a stronger computer
    +mouse and keyboard >> controller for shooters, mech sims
    -more money to maintain purely as a gaming platform
    -controller >> mouse and keyboard for third-person action and racing (though in this case you could always buy a racing wheel for either platform)

    PC, supported games:
    +way better for shooters even if shooters are made for consolers
    +M+K opens up the door for high complexity games (mechwarrior, etc.)
    -Much fewer fighting games; third person action plays worse without a seperate controller
    -shovelware ports

    As for the mandatory, antagonistic part of this post: everyone who prefers playing shooters on a console is a fool. The inferior control scheme for shooters has pretty much ruined the shooter genre, in fact – when was the last time you saw a REAL twitch (Quake 3) or airborne (Tribes) shooter get released (and do well)?

    • Cynic

      Er, sorry if this is a bit deadpan. Yes, I saw you’re doing a two-part strip and you’re stoking the fires and etc.

    • NickNackGus

      Not entirely true about shooters. Wii remotes can be connected to computers pretty easily. Unless you want to play on Windows, where you can actually play popular shooters, in which case you should yell at Microsoft about their Bluetooth drivers, or your roommate for leaving the Wii on, forcing the Wiimote to ignore your computer.

  • ThePeebs

    Steve, genius.
    You’ve managed to start a heated debate, and make people laugh, mission accomplished!
    I’ll admit, I’m a female PC Gamer. Did I laugh? Hell yes. Am I going to link the website to male pc gamers? Of course.
    And for the rest of you: really? I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at everyone else? The comic grabbed stereotypes and made them funny. If you think it’s an insult to the entire world of PC Gaming, then your reading too far into it. If your not a part of the stereotype, understand that that’s what’s being made fun of, the stereotype. If you are, well, go outside, and get laid. :) Happy Humping.

    • ThePeebs

      I don’t mean to reply to my own message, but honestly, I can’t stop laughing at this comic. It’s a winner lol.

  • NickNackGus

    I do believe we need some jokes on the consoles to balance things out now. Ever played Portal 2 on the Wii? Well, I wish I could!
    Also, I find it unfortunate that some people only play solitaire on their computers. Get a deck of cards, it doesn’t cost $2,000. Or through new-egg, buy something reasonable from parts, since my gaming PC is $500, not including stuff I already own like monitor/keyboard/speakers etc. You guys could also try at LEAST pinball, which can be copied straight onto later versions of Windows from XP, apparently.
    And if you really only use your computer for solitaire, sell it. Buy a deck of cards, replace your word processor with a piece of paper and a pen, and use snail mail. You’ll save money and never hear people on the Internet yelling “Get a life, you loser!”

  • odderz


  • Alastor

    PCs have FPS’s and RTS’s
    Consoles have Action, Sports and Fighting Games
    They share RPGs.

    I have a PS3 and a PC, and I use them about equally. PC for TF2, LoL, and MineCraft, PS3 for Disgaea 3, Bayonetta, and MLB 11.

  • Alastor

    The point is, that we all started with one system. And because we started with that, we will defend it to make it look like we made the right decision. And the more we paid, the more we defend it. A person with a $2500 PC is going to be a lot more fanboyish and elitist than someone who spent $500. A person who plays their 360 12 hours a day is going to go more fanboyish than someone who plays 3 hours a day.

    We argue to justify our investments to others and to ourselves.

  • What makes one a ‘professional’ troll rather than a hobbyist? Is there a trolling industry certification, and if so, where the hell do i get it? :)

    • Phaelin


      • GoGoCactus

        You made me smile by adding that =)

  • Erakir

    Wow, I love it when people so used to flinging crap around can’t take it when the tables are turned. Also, no reason to really get into a (heated) discussion about Alienware here. It’s a comic meant to appeal to a wide audience. Alienware is recognizable as a “badass gaming machine” by many. No, it doesn’t matter that the one you built from parts of Newegg is cheaper and comes in a better tower – that’s not really relevant to the comic. Would you rather have a Dell Inspiron tower there?

    Regardless, if anyone out there thinks this is some sort of serious commentary that has more merit than Yo Mama jokes, please, do us all a favor and look for new ways to win a Darwin award. Of course they’re stereotypical jokes. They’re supposed to be. The water on the stove isn’t boiling yet, but if you can’t even take *this* amount of heat, get out of the kitchen or at least don’t talk.

    It’s funny because the same stereotypes have been thrown around the comments already, except in serious fashions by the angry, like they actually believe the stuff they’re spewing and how above the rest of the mundane world they must be. I think there’s a few Reddit articles that are in need of your infalling expertise, guys. Best attend to them.

    I guess I fully expect the same thing when the console strip comes around, huh? Oh well, good times. Comic approved~

    • Erakir


      Derp :(

  • JerreyRough

    Yay for defending 6-year-old-hardware?

  • TecXero

    Just want to point out Steam is porting a lot of games over to the mac and the library seems to be shaping up quite well, and Blizzard always make their games for both mac and pc. Now if they’d just follow suit with StarCraft and port SCII to a console…

    • therandomuser

      I’m sorry, but have you played the N64 version of StarCraft? Go play it before you think about even discussing porting SCII to a console. PCs are the kings with RTSs, with the exception of the Pikmin. Surprisingly enough the Wii version handles very well (have not had the luxury of playing the GC version sadly). I hope that they port Pikmin 2 and make Pikmin 3 to the WiiU as the touchscreen controller can work as a management tool.

      • TecXero

        I completely agree, I hate using a controller for RTSs. There is one thing that the N64 had though, most emulators could run it ok. It’s a lot easier to run SC for N64 on a brewed PSP or Pandora than it is to emulate Windows 95 then setup some insane controls to emulate the keyboard and mouse. I’m into nostalgic gaming and I love the portability now a days, yeah there are laptops but I can’t shove that in my shirt pocket.

  • matiasdl

    I would’ve thought the debate had been settled by the simple fact that we are seeing a much higher statistic of new release games that just don’t goddamn work on either. Dark rituals and tender words are required to get the Witcher 2 to install on Windows 7. The Orange Box for consoles required immediate critical updates after release. Even casual games aren’t safe anymore. Angry Birds, released on PSN, mangled thousands of PSPs in April.

  • Vake Xeacons

    LOL! Jack, this one’s for you! Yes, PC’s are great, but why gamers still try separating them from consoles is beyond me (yes, they’re different, but the consoles are so set apart from each other nowadays, there’s no reason for this debate to continue). To each his own.

  • Jack C.

    ROFL this is funny because it’s not remotely true. But what’s true is that consoles are for faggots only. Just look at consolegamers they are all gay.

    • Talmire

      I lol’d.

    • Phaelin

      Oh, I do like-a the cock!

  • I.. I don’t get it…

    *goes back to playing solitaire*

  • Pendulum

    I feel like this debate is becoming less relevant, as much fun as it is. I used to resist console gaming – but now I swing both ways. I mean, a keyboard gives you a lot more to put your fingers on, but what are you going to rotate without a dual analog?

    And furthermore: f*ck casual gaming. I mean, that was practically Tennis for Two and it’s a big deal some 50 years later? Excuse me? But props to the comic, a most excellent reparte.

  • Random Guy

    I don’t know why everyone’s getting so worked up, it’s just a comic and wherever you stand on the “issue” is just a matter of preference. I grew up with consoles and even prefer playing FPS games on them because that’s how I learned it. It feels weird to have to sit at a desk to play a game. And if I’m playing something that doesn’t require a lot of attention, I like to have my computer open to some cartoon or something like that, you know, for background noise. If you like the PC better, that’s fine too, what’s important is that we’re all playing games and having fun :)

  • Tery153

    I’m a gamer, and I game on both the pc and console. That being said, HOW I game on each is different. I have pc for free online time killers, Diablo 2, and… well… that’s really it…. I haven’t played an MMO in quite some time. On the Xbox 360, I play Halo Reach (mostly in forge… I love creating things…). And for my psp… well… it’s pretty much for when I’m away from both… I only have FF-Dissidia for it. One thing I’ll say about PC exclusive games… of the ones I’ve played… I haven’t beaten any in a day. Is it just me, or do many new console games seem too easy?

  • Having recently shifted house, here’s my two cents.

    PC unit, monitor, PC to monitor wire, PC power wire, monitor power wire, keyboard, mouse, headphones, modem dongle.

    A lot of unplugging, lugging and replugging to keep my game on.

  • Oro

    The first one seemed funny at first, then I realized it made no sense for console to say that to PC. I’m pretty sure PC has just as many, if not more online games than consoles. The second one is meh, third one is meh, seems like it’s assuming that console gamers don’t get addicted to gaming. I guess consoles just aren’t trying hard enough to make good games :s