PC vs. Console: Part II – Console Gaming [ COMIC ]

Well…I did what I said and I said what I meant. A webcomic creator keeps his promise sixty-two point five percent. So a month ago I created the first part of this two part series. Now one month later the second part is finished.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. Not because I couldn’t find reasons to justify why PC gaming, but because there really aren’t any arguments/stereotypes towards console gamers that could be deemed as personal attacks. Remember, I’m not trying to logically justify one media over the other here. I’m just trying to add fuel to the fire and watch the flames grow.

For example: “Hey, console gamer. You’re stuck with inferior hardware, it’s got lower screen resolution, you can’t upgrade it, the limited choice of games you have cost more than their PC equivalent and you’ve got no mouse or keyboard that greatly diminishes playability of certain genres of games.” How can you get mad at that? Pretty much everything mentioned is indisputable and if you do want to dispute it there’s more than enough facts/figures online to easily prove the statements as true.

Now look at other side: “Hey, PC gamer. You’re a social reject who’s only friends are the people see online, but I guess that works for you. Imagine you actually had a girlfriend, then you wouldn’t be able to spend all your free-time and money upgrading your PC for the latest thing Gabe Newell let you suckle from his sweaty teet.” Now those are definitely stereotypes and derogatory comments that people could take offense to. Justifiable? Maybe for a select few, but definitely not a majority. But still, they do make for good internet fodder.

The reality is, at the end of the day, a case could easily be made for why to choose one platform over the other depending on the individual and their end goal. But this is the internet. We’re not trying to logically discuss anything. We just want to see how long it takes before Godwin’s Law goes into affect…And maybe see some porn along the way, as well.