I Just Don’t Know What You See in Him [ COMIC ]

I can honestly say that I have never dated a “gamer chick.” I’ve had girlfriends who have liked certain video games, but not regularly or passionately enough to be considered gamers.

There has only been a few games that I can honestly say that my wife has been passionate about playing and besides The Simpsons Road Rage (not to be confused with the better title The Simpsons Hit & Run) all of them had some sort of extra peripheral or gimmick. She loved Donkey Konga 1 & 2 and could get perfects even on the highest settings. Also, the Wii Sports games, Wii Fit, and Nintendogs she played a bit, as well. Besides that it’s the party games that she would play with others like the Guitar Hero or Mario Party titles.

Now I do have female friends who are gamers and some of them, in fact, are even more passionate about the games than myself. But these are platonic relationships. Never will I know the feeling of being abruptly woken up by female in bed telling me to get my ass up and play co-op with her on Gears of War. And if I ever do…Well, I would have some serious explaining to do with my wife.


  • Emjaye

    This makes me happy. Lok’tar ogar! :D

  • Sharain

    Problem is: If you play both sides kinda equally, what would the response (in the bottom right square) become? For the Ho- Uh… For the Alli- Umm… For Azeroth! Or something regarding a double-crossing spy, perhaps?

    But yes, it is strange how small the cluster of female gamers is, compared to the male one. There IS games focused more for the female gender, but the majority seems to be aimed at the male aspect. Even fewer are gender neutral. Perhaps that is the reason? Or what do you think?

    • Nuckel

      Well, in this aspect of gaming men and women are mostly different (and luckily in many other aspects aswell). The market knows that and serves the the big share of male consumers only. It’s kind of the opposited way with the lipstick market, there are only few males consuming lipstick products. :S

      • Nia

        There are a lt of female gamers, actually. Probably as many as there are men. When you start saying there aren’t many female gamers, it encourages those girls who think they’re suddenly special for being “girl gamers”.

        Playing video games is awesome but it really should never be about gender.

    • Chibis

      There’re quite a lot of female gamers. At the games like WoW, I don’t really tell I’m a female unless someone asks. Of course my guild members know, and we do have 50/50 % girls and boys at our guild. Non-gamer chicks just seem to be louder about their identity I guess. :P

  • Katsu~♥

    My fiance and I met in World of Warcraft, actually. :) And… my current guild (a stacked, custom picked 10man) is 50% female.

    And FWIW, as a female gamer who HAS a level 85 human paladin who is in full tier 12… I would be wondering “but is he correctly gemmed and reforged for his spec?” You’d be surprised how many people are ‘dedicated’ players but are complete idiots.

  • Abscond

    My girlfriend’s a gamer, and a hardcore one :p We actually met in Barcelona while playing in a MtG tournament :p

  • Anonymous

    So, I have never played Donkey Konga but I could only image a game where you play as a donkey and try to create the best konga line ever. This game needs to be made.

    • 06th

      It’s a rhythm game about donkey kong that has special controllers. Not that you’re idea wasn’t cool too.

  • Helsic

    LOL this makes me think in my boyfriend who is a hardcore gamer like me.
    We makes me play Xbox360 with him and I make him to play my beloved 8Bits games xD I can’t date a non-gamer guy or at least a guy that has some idea about comics, games and animation, otherwise I’ll feel bored as fuck in that relationship.
    And yes… after a passionate kiss we found ourselves talking about A new trailer for psp3 and stuff like that.

  • Falos

    You will never know the feeling of being abruptly woken up by a female in bed telling you to get your ass up and play co-op with her on Gears of War.


  • Everglayde

    Ahh yes as one of those platonic gamer chics you know, I have to agree with Katsu~ When most couples go to the movies for “date night” my husband and I raiding or kicking butt in the PVP arenas as a team. Nicely put Sharain~ For the Ho- Uh… For the Alli- Umm… For Azeroth!

  • 06th

    My girl isn’t really into gaming yet, but it’s my intent to fix that. She played guitar hero before me, but after introducing her to the pokemon series and watching her tear through every generation except 3 (remakes used where applicable), I know she has the spirit of a gamer. She was also cool enough to name her character “slut” in firered which leads to some awesome text.

  • Jaybonaut

    Could never get into WoW… but City of Heroes on the other hand, I’ve played since early beta, around 7 1/2 yrs straight. It just went F2P too.

  • Llew

    I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I’m a pretty good poser. As a wife, I love to watch my husband play a multitude of story driven games (Fallout, Bioshock, etc), and we play a few co-op games like Halo, but my two big things are Kingdom Hearts and WoW. It took over a year for my husband to convince me to play WoW, and after I finally gave in, the guild we were in (owned by a mutual friend) ended up liking me as a player better. They were even waiting for me to level to give my afflic spec ‘lock a spot on the raid team (unfortunately the raid team broke up before I was leveled and in anything even remotely resembling decent armour). I haven’t played WoW in 6-7 months due to finances, but boy do I miss it. I’m having a hard time finding anything to fill that hole, lol. FOR THE HORDE!

  • TecXero

    Meh, tier sets are easy to get anymore. Now if he had a full heroic tier 12 set then that would be a different story, Assuming he wasn’t carried and knows what he’s doing.

  • Candy

    Boyfriend and I met through Guild Wars (our guild is made up of people people know in real life, he was a cousin of someone I knew). I’m a bit more passionate when it comes to games then he is (I have like 3-4x more games tied to my steam account, he teases me about it, I also have a 360, an original xbox, a dreamcast, gamecube, and a DS lite). I also have a WoW account too though myt main is a level 72 gnome mage (finances stopped me from playing mostly. I love my little pink haired gnome!) and the obligatory: FOR THE ALLIANCE!

  • Frozen Phoenix

    lol yep, that would be me in the alternate gamer response. haven’t played WoW in a bit, but not afraid to yell “For the Horde!”, minus the fork…. maybe. =D

    • Dehnus

      I tend to beat people that do that, but that is the Dwarven Response to anything really. But seriously I never got that fascination outside of not like the Night Elf players waaaaaaaay back (before Blood Elf crapperdidoodum) then I basically played Horde only (Orc) to get away from them. Then the Blood Elf Crapperdidoodum happened… and played a Dwarf for a while before I wend “Meh…. this game isn’t that much fun when it gets this easy”, I missed the old Battlegrounds alot like AV. Oh well, still hate “For the Horde” shouters though. Never knew why but I had the same with “For the Alliance” shouters.. can’t stand it.. plus this perceived alternative thing that it is supposed to be… when every man woman and poodle plays Horde (After the Blood Elf Crapperdidoodum), outside of a few below 16 year olds.

  • Phaelin

    I find myself watching my fiancee play games more often than I myself play them these days. Being an adult is weird. On that note, she loves Bioshock and Left 4 Dead, L.A. Noire and Portal, Mario and Sonic, but goddammit, why can’t I make her like Mega Man?

    Well, I guess I can settle for close enough. ;D

  • BeCause

    I like playing Clerics or Sorcerers, while my wife usually plays archer/rangers and rogues.

    We play real RPGs like DnD or Pathfinder.

    • Galstaff

      D and D is great. Don’t like Pathfinder myself. Seems like they ended up somewhere between 3.5 and 4.0, without the good parts of either.

      Don’t really have a favorite class myself, I like to change it up. I used to be a big sorceror fan, until I realized everything else was fun too. Gotta say though, certain characters do stick out. Like a character I rolled for a friend, a Gnomish bard/dread pirate, chaotic good but with an evil/dishonorable reputation. Dual wielded a rapier and a pick. Surprisingly effective. Interestingly enough, one of the pre-reqs for dread pirate is owning a ship worth at least 10k. The dm decided that a magical folding rowboat right at that price point qualified.

  • Lun

    Eh. I’m a gamer woman, and I have to say this comic is wrong. A TRUE gamer, male or female, does not obsess over that crap mmorpg. :P

  • Dehnus

    Looks a bit like Hipster Cat this Horde Fascination. People acting like it isn’t popular and “Alternative” yet almost everybody plays it unless they are under 16 years old ;). So the really alternate gamer would go “WE CAPTURED IT FOR CHAOS!” and start to sacrifice him to the Chaos gods for not playing Warhammer Online ;).

  • ThePeebs

    Hardcore Gamer and female ;)
    I got my husband into WoW, I got my husband into Elder Scrolls, I got my husband into Guitar Hero, I got my husband into COD and I got my husband into Magic the Gathering (Not a video game, just showing off my nerd-ness).
    Although we both have slowed down on the gaming, with two kids, jobs and real life at your coat tails gaming usually eitehr waits until the kids are in bed, or on Saturdays when we take turns playing with the kids so the other can game.

    • Ayshela

      heh. yep, and loving now that the kids are grown and gone. Woke him up a few days ago to let him know his rare spawn was up so he could come tame himself a new pet. I… uh… already had that one. =)

  • Pixie

    My husband and I met off Team Fortress 2, in 2008 and got married later on. We play lots of games together and MMO’s it real nice.

  • KB

    I met my husband of 7 years while raiding in EQ1. We’ve played most of the big-title online RPG’s since then, but he’s less hardcore than I am. I’m ok with that, as long as he’s not so bad as to be embarrassing. ;) I am not a big fan of all the “girlfriend gamer” additions to games instead of actual content, but hey, they have to make a buck somewhere!

  • SiliconAddict

    Gamer chicks are quite possibly the sexiest thing on the planet. I mean this: I would rather date a plain woman who is a gamer then a super model. Yah I know I’m nuts. Don’t care. Content over form factor any day of the week.

  • me


  • David

    Find her a copy of Jungle Beat, stat! Best Bongo based game ever.