I Just Don’t Know What You See in Him [ COMIC ]

I can honestly say that I have never dated a “gamer chick.” I’ve had girlfriends who have liked certain video games, but not regularly or passionately enough to be considered gamers.

There has only been a few games that I can honestly say that my wife has been passionate about playing and besides The Simpsons Road Rage (not to be confused with the better title The Simpsons Hit & Run) all of them had some sort of extra peripheral or gimmick. She loved Donkey Konga 1 & 2 and could get perfects even on the highest settings. Also, the Wii Sports games, Wii Fit, and Nintendogs she played a bit, as well. Besides that it’s the party games that she would play with others like the Guitar Hero or Mario Party titles.

Now I do have female friends who are gamers and some of them, in fact, are even more passionate about the games than myself. But these are platonic relationships. Never will I know the feeling of being abruptly woken up by female in bed telling me to get my ass up and play co-op with her on Gears of War. And if I ever do…Well, I would have some serious explaining to do with my wife.