Circle of Strife [ COMIC ]

I had to make sure that the character in this comic looked nothing like anyone I knew. My rotund friend that I mentioned in the previous comic thought that was him in the actual strip. Took me more time than it should have to convince him otherwise.

When I thought of this comic two games I own came to mind: Final Fantasy XII and Odin Sphere. Odin Sphere is the game I am currently playing now. My original time through I had so much trouble with the Pooka Prince and unbalanced nature of the green ooze things in Titania that I put the game down for a few years. I since learned that napalm is the key to destroying them and loaded up on such before I hit that chapter. Unfortunately, now I’m onto Oswald’s story and dealing with Skuldi the Sorcerer…Making sure to load up on elixirs.

As far as Final Fantasy XII goes I got to and fought Vayne on the Sky Fortress Bahamut, but got my ass seriously handed to me during my attempts to defeat him. Then, much in the same way as with Odin Sphere, I put the game down for a few years. I picked it up a few months ago and have been since level grinding and tackling all the available hunts. I’m back at the Bahamut, but haven’t entered it yet. I know my characters are much stronger than they were last time, but I haven’t taken that final plunge yet. Maybe soon…

Do you have any games that you’ve had similar experiences with? Planning on trying them again any time soon?