It Takes Longer to Identify What you Rolled in Real Life [ COMIC ]

First off, I want to thank Amos Ahola for sending the idea for this comic. I got his email about a week ago and finally got around to doing something with it. I really appreciate it.

So this brings up an interesting idea. Would relationships be more likely to succeed if humans knew what they were getting into ahead of time or would people not even try and simply give up on any sort of long term relationships? I like to believe that by having that additional information upfront that people would be more inclined to make good choices, but come on… Seriously. This is humanity we’re talking about. We are living in the age of information and people are only getting stupider. Do you honestly think arming us with MORE information will make anything better? If anything, people will probably be even more apathetic and make even worse decisions. Yay humanity.

Think I’m wrong? Leave your comments below. I’d love to read your explanation why.


  • Uemei

    I generally think your initial analysis was right, about people being able to make better discussions, although I’ll concede the point that knowing stats may just cause some people to go out and try to meet those minimum requirements.

    I DO however object to the idea that people are getting stupider. Everyone has been saying that since the dawn of human civilization, but against all odds civilization persists, and cool new crap keeps being invented, made, and improved upon. As someone over 30 I empathize, but I also try to eagerly await the next incredible story that will catch my fancy.

    • I think technology and advancements in society have given people with the intelligence and drive to excel more opportunities and resources to do so. At the same time, people who would have otherwise had to try harder to succeed in years past are offered fewer obstacles in order to simply get by and thus are more likely to do “just enough.” And unfortunately, these types of people make up a much larger portion of our society than the innovators.

      • Uemei

        Would you suggest we discontinue immunization? You know so those lazy bums who can’t survive the common smallpox don’t leach off society. Or do you think the immunization of the individual is done solely for the benefit of society?

        An Objectivism/Individualist argument doesn’t actually demonstrate that civilization is stupider. Moreover I think the fact that Racism, Sexism, and Classism exist as words with meanings associated with them, rather than just being these things people do to each other on principle better demonstrates how far mankind has come than the next generation Ipod.

        • Not quite sure what you think I wrote, but I will rephrase it. If people don’t have to try to better themselves to succeed they won’t. Path of least resistance.

          I understand that intelligence is not measured in knowledge, but lack of the pursuit of knowledge or betterment can lead towards ignorance.

          • Uemei

            I understand what you said, but that combination of words sounds uncannily like the language used by Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Barry Goldwater’s disciples to divest themselves of society. They all remember that one time where they had a crappy job for two years, but they forget that they got where they are because they were well liked by a professor or two, or that their husband, or wife’s father had an interesting opportunity for them this one time. They are also blase about fact that 100 hours a week thinking behind a desk doesn’t incur the kind of biological debt 40 hours of hard labor does. I don’t mean to sound insulting, but I am forced to wonder if you understood what you choice of words sounded like.

            Also this is entirely beside the point. The point to my first post was that I think humanity isn’t stupider than it used to be, and the point of my second was a citation of evidence to support my first post.

            Furthermore, reading Andtalath and BaloogyMcBoy makes me think that that the problem is one of cognitive bias; Humans tend to remember the misses, and forget the hits or vice versa depending on the narrative they are constructing. I’d like to point to another XKCD comic,, to further my ‘humans aren’t getting stupider’ argument, although I have to admit it doesn’t actually help my ‘humans are getting smarter’ argument. :P

          • You’re trying to disprove my argument by either attacking the merit of my character or associating me with individuals you disapprove of. If a convicted serial killer says that the molecular formula for water is H2O, that doesn’t make the statement false because you do not like the character of said individual.

            Nonetheless, this discussion seems to have reached a ideological impasse. So I will simply say, let’s agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  • Andtalath

    Just because the stupidity is more visible it doesn’t mean it has increased.

    • BaloogyMcBoy

      I’m inclined to side with Andtalath here, xkcd ( has brought to my attention that society hasn’t changed nearly as much as we like to think. I’ve long held that if all of humanity were able to read minds, we’d simply stop caring about things like sexuality and gender as differences that matter.

      Also, if the women in your life are a financial drain then I suspect you’re simply in the wrong crowd :P

      Sigh, if only people were so simple :/

    • I will agree that the instantaneous nature of the internet has made things more apparent and readily available. Yesteryear people would know old high school friends were married and then one day they might find out they are divorced. Now we can see people openly sharing what they or their significant other is doing at any given time and watching the whole incident unfold before our eyes.

  • mcspaddin

    I truly believe that much of societies problems are caused by a lack of self-reflection. I must assume then, that the information available to other people would be available to ourselves as well, and people would strive to change themselves so that they are not entirely avoided.


    Honestly, I find it less that people are becoming more stupid or more apathetic, but rather in this age of instant information and gratification we see evidence of our collected stupidity much earlier and much more often. It’s a lot like how, way back when books were printed by hand, you got good quality (on average) because no one wanted to waste time or money printing the sort of crap most people might write about.

    Fast forward to the days of the printing press and self-publishing (and, and suddenly we’re deluged by horrible prose, ideas, and general mediocrity. It isn’t that we’re less intelligent or trying less hard than our ancestors, but rather that easy public avenues to letting our minds be known are much more commonplace.

  • Dirty Dan

    Common misconception, people are not getting stupider. They are getting crazier.

  • NarUZap

    Personally, I think if life showed people statistics about you it would motivate more people to self-improve