For the Whored!!! [ COMIC ]

You have your “For the Horde” and I’ll have mine. I guess this version would be part of the World of Whorecraft series, get it?… okay, I just googled World of Whorecraft and it does exist. I actually found a pretty funny video (Warning NSFW) of the Epileptic Gaming Crew ripping on this porn series. I don’t know if the content is too not safe for work. They do say whore a lot and there’s a little nipplage and you can pretty much make out they’re screw- okay, its NSFW and you’ve been warned.

I like the way this comic looks, especially the pimp. Since I’ve been staying true to my natural art style, putting the comics together have been easier and more fun. Just thought I’d let you know that.

I saw this animation on Drowtales this weekend. Its the epilogue to their sixth anniversary specials. Its cute and has a very real quality to it that I enjoyed. What’s also cool is the guy who created it, Shawn Aliseaa.k.a. Shawn the Touched, lives about 45 minutes away from me. He did a good job and you should check out some of his other work at

Lastly, I’m finalizing my list of conventions for 2008. Currently, there are seven on the list will an eighth as a possibility. I’ll post them somewhere on the site as soon as its complete.

And on that note I say For the Horde, unless you’re part of the Alliance and then I say For the Horde!, but don’t mean it as much.