Beating the System [ COMIC ]

First, I had the idea for the comic and then I came up with the title for it: Beating the System. After that my affinity for puns took over because I began to associate the title/comic with Ross Nover’s popular webcomic The System. Then I started thinking, “Since ‘the system’ is in the title why not make the comic look like The System, as well?” So I did and here we are.

Would this actually work? Not sure. The comic is in reference to my years working at GameStop FuncoLand and Best Buy. Both of these places had the same policy for opened games: Only exchange for another copy of the same title. I guess unless someone had marked on the receipt somehow, to show it was an exchange, you could just take it to another location. Lord knows now that there’s tons of FuncoLands GameStops everywhere. You’d probably only have to go around the block or just wait at the same location for someone different to ring you up.

Have any of you tried this before or something like it before? Did it actually work?