Hat Trick [ COMIC ]

If every time you see Kirby now you think of boobs, then I officially won.


  • Mihen

    Not enough angry eyes

  • BigLord

    Nah, to really work it shouldn’t be a hat. It should be a mask :P

  • Everyone loves boobs. So this will definitely work! :D

  • KrayzeeGuy

    I refuse to allow the male demographic alter Kirby. I will tear through souls before that happens.

  • nitram

    i am playing super smash bross. with boob…. eeer…. i mean…. kirby. jajajaja

  • Voldo X

    NA doesn’t work!

  • ThePeebs

    The cute little pink wonder is now… now… NOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Poor Kirby, defiled and turned into a boobie.

  • awwwww, that’s a lie. i’m a dude and I love kirby. I’d rather they give him machine guns and a tank rather than change his cuteness.

  • Zeshin

    It’s not going to work, unless there are two kirbys next to each other…

    • Kirby attack. 10 boobie kirbies!

  • Kyle

    But Kirby sucks everything else. Why do I feel a “In Soviet Russia” joke coming on?

    • Kyono

      Oh, Fsck.

  • H3xx

    Can’t unsee… though I really don’t want to.

  • Nuckel

    So what did he inhale now? :D

    • 622killer89

      my guess is Pamela Anderson

      • Unrealt87

        Or Lolo Ferrari (and a time machine).

  • Lila

    Actually, every time I see boobs now I think of Kirby. Epic loss?

  • bidoopoo

    Okay, I can see that.

    What’s it mean that before this I always pictured “the little man in the boat” whenever I saw Kirby?

  • Monty

    Wow, I was never interested in Kirby games before, now Im compelled to buy all its games!

  • Izotz

    Downside is now I feel like molesting Kirby, and that’s just wrong.

    • Kirdex

      I felt that way before this…what?

  • yrunido

    In that last panel I just imagine the Doo Dee Dee DOO DEE DOO! sound playing from the early games whenever he got a life.

    You got a boob hat! Doo Dee Dee DOO DEE DOO!


    hahahaha, his head looks like a boobie…hahahahaha

    oh and “in Soviet Russia, out boobies suck you!”

  • ohhhhhhh man!!!!

  • Wah

    You get the idea after the Boob pokeball, right?

  • Vake Xeacons

    I think of A (count’em ONE) boob. Like that one that has one C-cup and one A-cup.

  • The Amazing Cerberus

    The joke’s on you! I already thought of boobs when I saw Kirby!

  • Meiriana

    Is it good or bad I already thought of that without the added hat to clarify?
    Seriously it was the first thought in my mind when I first played kirby. But that’s probably because I was 17 at the time.. xD