Real Reason Nintendo Created the Wii U [ COMIC ]

Update: Thanks to a comment by Tubby I believe we now know the name of the originator of the image above. The art style looks to match that of Mota (モタ) a.k.a. Motor and here is a link to his actual site. Just FYI, some of the content is NSFW.

First off, let me preface this post my stating that I did not create the image that was used for this flash piece. I first saw the image, which is considered NSFW, via Reddit yesterday and decided to create an interactive version based on it. I really wish I could give credit to the person who created the >original image, but unfortunately I have no clue who that was. As you can see, I still did have to recreate a lot of it for this flash piece. Plus, I added a little something extra that I’d like to believe controller was obstructing in the original.

So, let’s talk about the Wii U

First off, for those of you who haven’t seen the Wii U yet please watch the video below.

Now some of you have already vocalized your opinions about the Wii U in a post made yesterday. I, myself, think it’s an interesting concept, but I really want to wait until we learn more about it before passing judgement. But for sake of discussion, let’s hear what you guys think about it in the comment section below.


  • RedMattis

    It looks rather clumsy

  • Alan Newman

    First, the controller is almost as big as the console (wtf?). Second, it’s basically a tablet in place of a controller. How much are they going to charge for just a controller?!. Third, and finally, and probably least important, you’ll be watching a screen on your controller to play a game presented on your television screen. Now I loved the movie Inception, but frankly I don’t need Inception mixing with my gaming.

    • The controller is more-or-less an extension of single player gaming. Multiplayer gaming will either use that one controller or Wii Remotes (which aren’t deprecated yet; multiplayer SSB, for example, could be done with the Classic Controller Pro [fantastic controller btw]). Also, it’s big, yes, but everyone that has tried it has remarked about how really comfortable it was, so it can’t be so bad. And I think that the controller being an overlay for the screen sounds useful (Fatal Frame/WarioWare, anyone?).

  • blackguard

    I approve of this flash.

  • mlsterben

    All I can ever think about when I hear the name is that annoying sound the chick from Kung Pow made.

    • BigLord

      I saw a youtube video of that AFTER the WiiU was announced. Now I GOTTA see that movie! :lol:

      • Sephirjon

        Yes, yes you do. In fact, you should go back in time to make yourself watch it. Then, come back to the present and watch it again. Finally, go into the future, defeat Ganon, and discuss the movie with yourself, as well as watch any sequel that may have occurred by then.

    • Falos

      I liked it better when stupid names were fantasy nerd territory, awkward terms from elves and dwarfs. Even Harry Potter fans would burn down cities if Rowling tried something this dumb.

  • It looks pretty cool. I normally wouldn’t want a Wii but this new one looks like it’s worth it. I can’t wait to see the fail videos for this one. Wonder how many t.v.s will break because of it lol XD

  • sarlacc

    When someone makes a game like that and its made avaliable world wide, then I’ll get the wiiu.

  • Kindless

    Sony basically announced the same thing, except it can also play games away from the console.

    • BigLord

      But since it’s another console entirely, you will have to pay probably double the WiiU price for it. Heh

      By the way, about the WiiU… I think it is an interesting concept, but a confusing one. The controller looks MUCH more unwieldy on static images though. See it moving around in a “gameplay” video (or even a hands-on video) and you’ll see that it’s much smaller and comfy than it looks. Nintendo is known for their great controllers, so I’ll trust the hands-ons…

      (BTW Steve, the flash is fucking hilarious, specially because of Miiyamoto in the corner :P)

      • DE?

        I think you forgot about the N64 controller. That thing may have been sturdy, but it was a ridiculous idea.

        • Marcus

          It was still the “first” controller with a stick..

          • ENDG4MER

            Technically, the NES Advantage and Atari joysticks came far before the N64 as controllers with sticks, though you probably mean gamepads… which still covers the Advantage.

        • I’m always surprised when I see people hating on the N64. It was the first home game system controller that I thought was actually GOOD — probably because of the thumbstick. I loathe game pads with a passion. I get thumb cramps from them in like ten minutes. :1

          • Er, the N64 controller, I mean.

          • Boy Blunder

            Really? I can direct you to piles upon piles of N64 controllers that had to be thrown away simply because the joystick is the first thing to crap out on them.

        • Teflon

          HEATHEN. It was the PERFECT controller.

      • Shaows

        Actually several sites are estimating the price of the Wii U at around $300 to $400. The highest price of a PSVita unit, which I assume is being discussed as well, is $300.

      • Sephirjon

        Nintendo is known for there great controllers? Wasn’t their last controller so ridiculous, that many games came with support for the previous generation’s controller?

        • Vabolo

          Dude, you could defend yourself from thievs withat controller. NUNCHUCKS, MAN!

          • BigLord

            Exactly! And it probably happened a lot, too, given the Wii craze all over the world. People were KILLING other Wii-tards to get their Wiis!

  • I surprised no one gave the source for original image yet.

    • If Omake Theater would have done that image I definitely would have known. Though I did see it was linked from their Twitter feed yesterday.

  • Plasmo

    I am thinking that this new piece of equipment might just make me like the wii again.

    • odderz

      It may be Wii branded, but it’s a new console entirely remember, not just a controller! So saying it’d make you like the Wii again… Well that makes no sense. It’s a bit like saying the Gamecube made me like the N64.

      • Teflon

        Actually it’s more like saying the Wii made him like the Gamecube, because you can still use last generations games, as well as the controllers.

  • Newbonzy

    I think nintendo’s finally crawling away from the terror which was casual motion gaming – And sadly enough, I also have been suckered in to believing it to be good.

    Alternatively they did not leave their old wii roots, but more or less made the wii a big boy with 1080p and a few known hardcore games. Still on the fence myself – my wii (the red one which cost me a ton before nnty dropped the price…. again) has been sitting on a coffee table, doing little of value for weeks on end.

  • streptos

    AWESOME!!! Give me 10 of it!

  • The image might’ve come from a couple of huge /v/ threads on 4chan over the past couple days on what uses people would like to see the controller do with games, but could’ve just been Reddit.

    Personally, I am okay with the concept, but it’ll depend on the execution. I was pretty skeptical about the Wii when it was first announced, but now owning one and playing two dozen different games on it, I can’t remember what it was I thought was wrong.

    But that PSVita still looks pretty sweet, but only if the weeaboo in me can get it in red with a bunny strap…

    • Personally, I think it probably originated from 2channel it just wound up on Reddit.

  • Wow, her boob actually grew.

  • Sephirjon

    …….It’s a giant DS. With separate giant screens.

  • Jack C.

    nice but consoles are still gay as fuck.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I am poor. I never managed to get an XBox, XBox 360, or PS3. Yet another generation of game systems to buy? Awww hell no. Screw it, I’m out.

  • Corco

    The flash screws up my mouse cursor on Firefox, the cursor keeps disappearing even when I’m not mousing over the flash and even when I change to another tab.

    • Yeah, I saw some of that. Really depends on which version of Firefox and which OS.

      • Corco

        I’m using Firefox 4.0.1 on Windows 7 and the newest flash, but I just tested the site with IE 9 and the same thing happened.

        • Nuckel

          Opera user here. Having the same trouble.

          • Mr_Jenkins

            You kids need some Google Chrome! :D Repent and sanctify your soul!!! *jazz hands*

  • Kit


  • K7

    Sounds more like Nintendo had Mentok the Mind Taker on the naming board.

  • Sushi_Golem

    I was really looking forward to it, until I found out that it’s a 1 controller per console thing. It makes absolutely no sense. For the Wii, their focus was to get a bunch of people in the same room playing together. Now? That’s exactly what it’s meant not to do, for the full experience, it’s single player or online, screw getting together. Turned excitement to disappointment really quick for me

    • Aeoneth

      I don’t remember hearing anything about it being a 1 controller per console thing

      • Monty

        Well, since I guess it seems I cant post the actual link, because my previous comment was deleted, there is an article about the WiiU being able to only work with one touchscreen controller as of right now on Joystiq.

        • RT

          You can still have multiplayer experience…. wii remotes still work, nothing wrong with traditional splitscreen etc. Go look at the ChaseMii demo… i thought that was quite innovative.

  • Monty
  • Sad Panda

    Take a look at this comic realize how awesome it would be if this were a reality. Then slowly realize that this will never happen.. That makes me a sad panda

  • Chadamis

    For someone who likes the iPhone you sure post a lot of flash stuff on here. I read your webcomic at work on my phone and just not quite interested enough to change peripherals.

    • But I know actionscript so I can easily throw these things together. Not to keen on putting the HTML5 version of stuff on the site where people can easily steal your code and represent it as their own. Flash at least takes a little work to do that. Plus, only 2% of the people who visit Dueling Analogs cannot view flash. I really wish it was 100%, but 98% of anything on the internet is not a bad number. Also, traffic wise the flash pieces overall get better traffic than standard comics.

      • Chadamis

        Fair enough. I do think your animations are hilarious though. Best stuff on the site.

  • megahub9

    Damn it Steve, quit teasing us and give us some fucking porn already.

  • Cress

    The video sharing bit gave me an idea…

    I can now Rick Roll whoever is watching TV from a distance!!!