How the current home consoles got their names… [ COMIC ]

And that’s how the current generation consoles got their name… at least in my opinion. Well, I can guarantee that my assumptions of almost two thirds of them are correct. I wonder which ones aren’t?

To change of subject, I just got a reproduction copy of the 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridge from RetroZone in the mail. I’ve been waiting a very long time to get a hold of one of these babies. Granted it is not of the official ultra-rare golden version or even one of the lesser rare but still extremely rare itself gray version. But it is the next best thing for someone who’s not in the mood to shell out almost $10k for an NES game… yet.

Well, I’m off to play said cartridge as it just came in the mail moments ago. See you on Monday… Oh, yeah! BIG announcement Monday as well. See you then!