Bonkin’ Psychotic [ COMIC ]

Did you know they released a Bonk sequel in 2006 called Bonk Returns? Did you know it won Best Platformer at E3 2006? I sure didn’t. Maybe that’s because they only released it for cellphones. Cellphones! Wouldn’t it be more profitable to release it for, I don’t know, any other format? You see, I don’t use my phone for games. I use it for making phone calls. That’s what I think cell phones are for. But then again, a lot of you text, too. And I just don’t get that.

The entire time I was putting this comic together I was thinking about a friend of mine who used to work for DNA Productions and did actually work on Jimmy Neutron. I wonder what she’s going to say about this comic?

Also, like how Goddard goes from being completely freaked out in panel five. To just going with the flow in the final one. That’s one lax pooch.