Diablow III [ COMIC ]

First off, the big announcement I promised today is that there will be a new Dueling Analogs store on Thursday. And on Thursday when said store opens I will finally be taking pre-orders for the Rejected Mega Man Villains poster. Stay tuned…

As far as gaming goes we’ve had some pretty good announcements recently… Diablo III, Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Mega Man 9. But do we deserve it?

Seriously, how often do gamers clammer for a must make game? Claiming that if it were made they would buy it and it would be a huge success. Well, here’s three of those games that we’ve been wanting. Will you reward their decisions or will these just be another Okami? Remember, more people are opting to wait to buy their games used instead of new. Guess what? Used games don’t make the people who create them anything. They do make GameStop rich, though.

Honestly, when I look at the three titles I mentioned know Diablo III and Mega Man 9 will do just fine. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is what I’m truly worried about. Why? Because the original flopped. Not because it wasn’t a good game… it was friggin’ brilliant. No, it was because no one bought it. I did! You didn’t. Don’t group me in with those responsible. I bought a copy brand new the second week it was out.

All I’m saying, in a roundabout way, is to buy these games when they come out. The game makers are creating what we asked for. So let’s show them it was worth it. Maybe then, they will finally make Lost Vikings III.