A Failure of Vision [ COMIC ]

There’s been some reports out that say the Nintendo 3DS’ 3D technology can be harmful to your vision and that it’s advised to take breaks every 15 minutes [1]. Didn’t they say a similar thing about staring at computer screens all the time? And it’s not like that impaired anyone’s vision… Oh, wait. Nevermind.

I also created a CSI Miami version of today’s comic after the fold.

Nintendo 3DS - CSI Miami

Props goes to Desomnd Seah from Bigger Then Cheeses for creating this meme in the first place.


  • David Herbert

    I played it at a booth a couple of weeks ago. Holy shit it was awesome.

    • odderz

      This. My local GAME store got one in and the manager let me have a go of Face Raiders and Augmented Reality, I didn’t realize how immersive it was until I noticed I was backing away from the AR card. It’s incredibly effective, if not immediately obvious.

  • AndrewFoose

    Does Caruso have sunglasses on under his sunglasses?

    • Infernova

      More like he’s putting sunglasses on his sunglasses. *cue Xzibit*

      • Xzibit

        Yo dawg I heard yo like sunglasses, So I put Sunglasses on your Sunglasses so you can Pun while you Pun!

        • Xzibit

          Alternative Version:
          Yo dawg I heard yo like sunglasses, So I put Sunglasses on your Sunglasses so you can Meme while you Meme!

    • PorkRoll

      Aren’t those smoked spectacles used by the blind?

      • Katherine

        Well you know what they say…

        • Tommy

          I think what you mean is…

          “You know what they say, ‘Love is blind.”

      • Horatio fails to see any problem with it.
        Fail to see = BLIND

  • Randomgamerdude

    Let me say something as obvious as this:
    The sky is blue.
    Whee now make a comic about it!

  • MediaDuke

    Hmm…that sounds an awful lot like Nintendo’s last three-dimensional experience. Virtual Boy, anyone?

    • Nick

      I agree with MediaDuke on this one and honestly am going to wait before even thinking about buying one. It’s like with the dsi camera function. Where are all the games that were to come out of that? Plus with the cost of the unit and the incrased price in games makes you wonder how much more people are going to want it. Tim will tell.

      • Tim

        They are rereleasing a lot of really good 64 games with better graphics and in 3D for this. The wikipedia page on 3DS games is fairly long. The price will be way cheaper than the NGP/PSP2

    • PunkrawkBbob

      Nothing remotely like Virtual Boy. Virtual Boy was toted as a “portable” system that was heavier than Nintendo’s consoles at the time, ate 6 batteries every 2 hours, only had two colors, and only 14 games released in the US, EVER.

      The 3DS has the entire backlog of DS games to support, will release more than 14 games at launch, has built in rechargeable batteries, selling momentum from the DS, and key things – It has Nintendo supporting it. By the time the VB hit the states the Big N had already declared it DOA.

      3DS will be something entirely different, especially given the recent announcements today regarding Netflix streaming, LIVE style friends list, and just an overall awesome approach to modernizing their system. Good luck finding one once Zelda comes out and you desperately want one ;)

      • MediaDuke

        Oh, I’ve already got my 3DS preorder down. There’s merely the “Christmas Story” comparison between the two systems: “You’ll play your eyes out!” I’m still not sure whether it will be gimmicky or not (totally agree with Nick on the DSi; Nintendo has a habit of introducing some “revolutionary” new thing and then never following up with it), but my original DS is about dead and I figure if it DOES goes somewhere, it’s worth it.

        Also, I totally own a Virtual Boy and never have had a problem with seeing things. Even when I wish I hadn’t…damn you, Internet, and your array of goatse and two girls with one cup!!!!!!

  • Ido013

    I just hope this doesn’t mess up my eyes too much cuz I need to play MML3 and by the time it gets here I’ll have had my eye surgery.. Wouldn’t want this to worsen them up..

  • Nick

    Sorry that should have said time will tell darn it no delete button.

  • bidoopoo

    You know all the times my mom said I’d go blind, playing video games wasn’t what I was thinking.