Hello Mr. Wark [ COMIC ]

So about a month and a half ago I posed the question of which numbered Final Fantasy game should I play next. The overwhelming response was Final Fantasy IX and I took your advice. Glad I did. Now I’ve had very little time to play anything over the past month, but with what time I have had I have enjoyed it immensely.

I also decided the order of the remaining numbered Final Fantasy games that I still need to complete: IX (Obviously…), XIII-2 (This will probably be out around or before I finally finish IX, so I will probably jump over to this after finishing it. Here’s hoping that it’s better that XIII.), VIII, X-2 (Only because I already own it.), V and then finally III. Still knowing how my schedule has been running lately, by the time I get around to finishing this Final Fantasy XX will probably have already been released.


  • Sixclaws

    I just wish they’d stopped using a Latvian phonebook as reference for the messed up names they put into their characters..

  • Shane

    I have played quite a few Final Fantasy games in my life but I have only completed 5 of them; FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX and FFX-2. Out of all of those I would have no trouble recommending FFVIII to you, sure it may start out kinda slow and the drawing system is annoying but I really enjoyed the story and characters in that game.

    • Rico Suave

      Huzzah! A fellow VIII fan! I agree that the draw system can be tedious, but if you draw enough of the right spell for your junction stats, you never have to draw again. lol

      • Lain

        You don’t even need to draw at all actually. Card, card refine and item refine will get you all the spells you need and playing triple triad makes it even faster. Still rage when I get “random has spread to this region”.

        • Darren

          You know that if you keep declining a game when they ask you “if you want to play with these rules” it will eventually just ask if you want to play and you’ll play with the regions rules.. you never have to spread random or play with it unless your playing on the place in the air.. don’t want to spoil things lol

      • gumboinafedora

        Yay! VIII fans. My favorite thing was junctioning the Magic. Do it right and you can kick some major butt. As far as drawing goes don’t forget to check the bosses they have summons you can draw. I did that the first time I played and well it sucked.

    • bg4m3r

      I must agree, FFVIII is fantastic. Bottom line, my top three FF games are FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX, but not specifically in that order. FFX has marked the beginning of a downhill slide that I’m not sure they will recover from. The merger with Enix seems to have done something terrible to the series and I fear for its demise. :(

      • That explains the awful review scores since then, like how XII has a 92 on Meta-… Oh, wait. ;)

        I really loved XII, same with many other games they’ve made (like the Kingdom Hearts series). Even XIII has an 83 on Metacritic, so there’s nothing wrong with liking it (or disliking it, for that matter).

  • Iceholder

    I’ve played through X, VIII, and III. Loved all of ’em. Working on I, II, and XII.

    Oh god, do you really feel compelled to play X-2? If you don’t have to, DON’T MAN. Don’t hurt yourself like that =s
    Can’t you just watch Noah Antwiler’s (thespoonyone) review of it?

    • Romulet

      You’ve got to try VII if you’re digging into the FF series. VII is the quintessential Final Fantasy.

      • Lila

        Okay, look, no. Alright? No.

        VII is good. It’s not the quintessential Final Fantasy. It has a great story, but there’s not a chance in hell it would have been as well loved if it weren’t also the first 3D Final Fantasy. Story-wise it doesn’t hold a candle to VI or IX, or really even IV (of which the first part is great – still have yet to play Interlude or After Years). And come on, Sephiroth is a pretty boring villain in comparison to, say, Kefka. Kicks Kuja’s ass any day though, I’ll at least concede that.

        • ENDG4MER

          Finally, someone who agrees with me. VII was a great game, don’t get me wrong, but it’ll never sit well in the series with me because of the trend it, and specifically it, started. VII was the first game where they really went over the top with visuals, and never really looked back. VIII was alright, but the story kept boring me before I could finish, and yes, I went beyond the second disk. IX was a welcome change of pace, but X was a complete bore for me. It all culminated in XIII and XIV, the first technically a financial success, but definitely the worst received to date, and the absolute failure that was XIV’s launch. The major issues? Visuals over substance, the trend for bigger and better graphics that VII arguably started.

          For me, VI was really the penultimate. Largest cast of playable characters that were unique until magic and espers came into play, a huge, overarching story that lasted nearly 80 hours my first playthrough, and creative, visual storytelling that pushed the boundaries of what mostly-static sprites could do. Anyone remember the cutscenes of Phantom Brave? Imagine Final Fantasy like that, and all the room it would save on the medium for content.

      • Iceholder

        Oh, I’ve played all of the games to some extent. Those are just the ones I actually own and have played through.

        I love what I’ve played of VII, but I don’t understand the EXTENT of the fandom. It’s a good game, and like I said, I love what I’ve played of it, but it seems the hype for it allowed Square to get too cushy and it started to suck. I like VIII and IX, and I love X (then again that could just be because that’s the one I started in on the FF series with), but they feel like Square just tried to ride the coattails of VII’s success. X-2 and XI… ergh.
        Oh, and let’s not forget Dirge of Cerberus or Advent Children. ….. okay, I like Advent Children (… okay I love it), but it still feels like a cheap, dirty money-grab the company made in an attempt to stay afloat.

        If there’s any series I need to sink my teeth into, it’s the ‘Tales’ series. I’ve completed Symphonia, but I still have to beat Legendia, The Abyss, and Symphonia 2.

    • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

      Stop hating on X-2! Sure, it wasn’t great, but it sure didn’t suck either! Plus, it followed the rules of true Final Fantasy: 1. Has airships. 2. Has Cid. 3. Has 3 playable female characters. These have been the norm since FFIV.

      • Iceholder

        I don’t entirely dislike X-2. The combat was kinda nice. Other than that, though….. eeeerrrrggghhhh…..

  • Raian the Fallen

    Don’t get the comic, but I’ve beaten IV, VII, VIII, and X. <3

    • Random Guy

      The comic is a reference to Fantasy Island.

  • IV, V and VI, IX, X-2 and XII for me.

    Aaaand three tactics, for PS, GBA and NDS and may get a hold on PSP one soon ;3

    • ZeBobbo

      The tactics for PSP is a poorly ported remake of the original tactics, with an extra character (possibly two, I can’t remember) and some cutscenes, other than that it was largely disappointing, when your magic sword attacks lag on the screen :(

  • The Anarchyz

    I’ve beaten all of them, and i owned II,III and V in full japanese (a friend who knows japanese helped me with those), so i got to beat them when they were first released…

  • Just for clarity: I’ve beaten I, II, IV, VI, VII, X, XII and XIII.

  • Mirage_GSM

    Yes, XIII-2 is definitely better than it’s predecessor. I’ve had the opportunity to playtest it two weeks ago, and they’ve adressed almost every gripe I’ve had with XIII. I can’t say much about the story beyond the first five hours of gameplay, but those five hours were very promising.
    It won’t be for people who disliked the combat system of XIII, though, because that is virtually unchanged, but at least half the game isn’t an extended tutorial anymore.

    • Taroni

      Even the 90% tutorial and lack of a real side quest except for one area which for some reason side quests are more like questing in mmorpg rather than like in Sakaguchi era final fantasy, you talk to people hear rumors, and go out on your own to find them? Damn you Sakaguchi, how dare you take your awesome-ness away from Square, and not release more games. ^_^ (Rant much)

  • spoonman

    Zidane also probably would have sufficed.

  • aaah, FF IX, my favourite :) really good choice.
    haven’t beaten it myself yet, but that’s just cause I’m a lazy idiot :D

  • Gecko

    I only have one thing to say: if you haven’t played VIII, then you know nothing about “Final Fantasy, the College Years” and it’s really a shame.
    Joke aside, it’s a very good opus, and you get to travel in a university. Yes, as a vehicle. Just think about it!

  • ed

    of the ones you have yet to play I would recommend VIII or V. X-2 is kind of weird and I couldn’t really get into III

  • dieta

    The game is also said to be more fantasy-oriented as opposed to the futuristic feel of its predecessor. It will also focus on the Farron sisters as opposed to how the first game focused on Snow and Serah. As opposed to the story of Final Fantasy XIII, where Lightning is on a quest to save Serah, the story of XIII-2 is the reverse, with Serah trying to save Lightning. The story of XIII-2 will also explore their relationship as sisters, and how they are similar yet different in their own ways.

  • Brando

    I’ve played them all, beaten them all but III and XIII (working on III, can’t bear the thought of continuing XIII). They are all good in their own ways (except XIII). That’s too bad about the combat system returning in XIII-2 by the way, it’s hands down my least favorite and part of why I don’t like the thought of continuing. I don’t know what happened after X though, because the story telling has nose dived and the combat systems get continually worse.

  • Sai

    I’ve finished I,IV, VII,VIII,IX along with a bunch of the unnumbered ones. Really didn’t like X and up.

  • Triaxx2

    While I’m not really dumb enough to jump into the arguments, I will say that I did indeed thoroughly enjoy Final Fantasy VII though it was not the magnum opus many say it is. It was an important step though.

    VIII was a fantastic game, but the ‘love story felt shoe-horned in annoying in comparison to the rest of the story, so I tend to fast foward to the good parts. Which is all the rest of it.

    IX did so much better with the story. There’s a love story there, but it feels integral to the plot, and not tacked on just because they wanted one in it.

    Tactics. Fah, it’s a freaking awesome game with a story that’s so confusing you’re better off not trying to understand it.

  • Hibiro

    Every good thing must come to an end, and, unfortunately, Final Fantasy is making it’s way down that one-way downhill slope. Though not all is lost, perhaps it’s for the best. It had a good run, but nothing is forever. When you change something too much, it no longer has the right to bear the same name as the original. Perhaps this is their intent, maybe Square is trying to get everyone to forget about Final Fantasy? Maybe they’re intentionally half-assing it so you’ll only remember the GOOD ones. After all, they’ve got another Franchise that’s been (slowly) going quite strong since 2002. Perhaps it’s what they want to focus on before it too, runs it’s course and they need to bring something else out.

    Also, Don’t forget, since the Merger of Squaresoft and Enix, they’ve had even more titles to worry about, so the focus on Final Fantasy had to go down, as they had a New hit Game to focus on, as well as Enix’s hit, Dragon Quest. When there’s so much demand for so many games, you can’t just focus on making one good, you gotta put effort into them all. Right now, SE’s gotta work on Final Fantasy XIII-2, keeping XIV going, Dragon Quest X, and Kingdom Hearts 3D and 3, and we all know where most of their focus is right now…

    • They have more than one development team, you know… And XII was freaking awesome! It even has a 92 on metacritic (they couldn’t have bought all of them out :P)

  • Rererak

    Since everyone else has submitted my opinion, I decided to try my own.
    FF I and II: I’m not far in these. Well, haven’t even started II. I’ve played a couple hours into I but then my Disgaea 3 came in sooo…
    FFIII: A fun game, I played the DS version and wasn’t disappointed in it except the lack of a solid storyline (and the quick deaths of so many NPCs), but I enjoyed the group and their tiny backgrounds (which I believe didn’t exist in the first release but…)

    FFIV: I’ll be biased in the fact this is my first FF game, I’ve played and beaten ever release and am currently in the middle of beating the extra chapters on the PSP. Someone made a comment on the airship, cid, and 3 girl characters starting here and I believe that it’s also the start of a solid storyline being built into it (but again, I haven’t played II). There’s a reason it’s been released… at least 5 times.

    FFV: I’m surprised you haven’t played this! It’s fun, and I think the job system is a great addition. It allows character depth while you fully customize your party. Want a party of warriors? Feel free. Mages? Sure. And while some parts or cheesy, it still was fun and was the last FF that focused on the crystals as a significant part of the story (when they were still called Crystals for those who think Materia is crystals)

    FFVI: Tied with IV as my favorite, first game that introduced you choosing the characters in the party and I loved every character (except, possibly Gau). There were all kinds of crazy tricks and ways to develop characters, although in the end I only spent enough time to get Locke and Celes to know every magic…

    FFVII: People seem to either love it or hate that people love it, and I’m honestly tired of both sides. When I initially played it I loved Aeris, I cried at (spoilers) Aeris’ death and later I, like many other women, fell in love with Sephiroth for no real good reason (well, I liked his heroic self before he became insane). I like the little hints you have to search for, the details left open for you to fill in and I liked at least one expansion: Crisis Core. Some things I don’t get, like the hype over Tifa and Vincent or the lack of exploration into Marlene’s story, but overall, I think there was a great build and a good system in place. I’d love to see a remake, but I’m also content with my PS1 version. I still have a working PS2 after all.

    FFVIII: I like the band scene where you assign people to play music or the dream sequences, but honestly I disliked a lot of the stories and a couple of scenes they threw in that didn’t really make sense but nonetheless happened. What GFs did, for example (but I won’t ruin it). Sure, there was romance in it, but I preferred Cecil and Rosa over Squall and Rinoa. I hated the draw system and only liked two characters, so overall this does end up in the bottom of my list, but at least it’s better than FFXII and FFX.

    FFIX: Complete opposite of FFVIII for me, loved the characters and the interesting story. Yeah, the ending was a little depressing (not hte final cinametic, but something else), but it was cute, unique, and a different spin on the Final Fantasy Series in my opinion.

    FFX: … I shouldn’t open this can of worms, but I might as well. I didn’t finish it myself due to someone saving over my file, and from what I did play I liked Kimarhi and Lulu, but honestly I didn’t appreciate the story… or the characters… I did love blitzball though (spent most of my time in that)

    FFX-2: No. Just no.

    FFXI: Didn’t play…

    FFXII: Didn’t play much because again characters annoyed me. I was interested in the battle system, but after FFX I didn’t have the heart.

    FFXIII: Believe it or not, I liked this game. Not at first, but as I pulled through it I found that even the character I disliked (Hope) became likable and the system was surprisingly enjoyable. I can’t say I”m a fan of the suddenly opening up the styles at very expensive points without warning or the linear path it held or the fact you can only control one character at a time, but once you got used to the latter one, you could move past the first and then use the fun summons as an excuse to ignore the second (I suppose.)

    Too long of a post, but meh.

  • Alastor

    I played and beat 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 10-2, 12

    I played and tossed 13 out a window into traffic.

    X had the best story, VI the best characters, X-2 the best combat, VIII the easiest game to break (Lionheart on Disc 1 anyone?), and XII had the best sidequests. VIII also had the best mini-game (Triple Triad).

    • Anon

      Kefka, the crazy insane clown villian that everyone loves/hates…

      • Nyuuchan353

        Kefka’s a jerk, Sephiroth’s a prettyboy, and Kuja’s just plain wierd. That’s my motto.

        • Nyuuchan353

          But as for my playings of the FF games there are:

          FFI – Barely started it, didn’t like it (chiefly because of it’s 2D nature)
          FFII – Same as FFI
          FFIII – Friend owned the DS Version, played very little but overall, it’s meh quality for me.
          FFIV – Played and owned the PS1 remake, but stopped at the moon part…good story overall.
          FFV – Haven’t played…
          FFVI – From what I have played, Kefka is a full blown jerk.
          FFVII – The silver Jewel of the numbered FF games. Liked story, but FFVIII beats it there.
          FFVIII – The golden jewel. Liked the gameplay as well as the story. Squall is anti-social, but Irvine and Selphie rocks!
          FFIX – Another meh title. Kuja is just wierd and the final boss has no discernable connection to the overall plot!
          FFX – Alright in terms of gameplay and story, better than FFIX.
          FFXI – Three words. Not. Good. In. Multiplayer.
          FFXII – Gambit system was a little akward. Not playable for me, one who is accustomed to the standard ATB system. Could care less about the characters.
          FFXIII – Didn’t play it at first, but got around to playing it after my bro sent me a copy knowing I liked Final Fantasy. A little slow to start, but when you get used to the paradigm system (a refined version of XII’s gambit system), you start owning like no other. Also, character wise, Hope is a whiny baby, and Lightning is almost like Squall in a way…but still better with a gunblade.
          FFXIV – Again, not good as an MMO, even if it is (trying to) improving on XI.
          Tactics – Didn’t play. Don’t like turn based strategy games.
          Tactics Advanced – Same as above, but tried it out a little.
          Crystal Chronicals – Didn’t play. Don’t own a Gamecube.

          There you have it folks. My rundown of Final Fantasy. Enjoy.

          • Nyuuchan353

            Forgot to talk about X-2, though there are only a couple of words I need to say about it…

            X-2 – Sleepover game. ’nuff said.

        • Anon

          thats why i love him… because he is the bad guy! just 100% evil

          Sometimes its good to have a villian thats trully a villian

  • Pie

    I really can’t recall which Final Fantasy game I played through first, although I vaguely recall playing Kingdom Hearts first and from there playing VII, VIII and X (probably in that order). I got IX a year or two back, and enjoyed it tremendously; definitely one of my favorites in the series. Honestly I enjoy Dragon Quest, the “Tales” games, and SMT: Persona more than FF, but I’ve still played a good chunk of the FF games.

    The NES games are definitely dated at this point (although honestly I think the same thing about the original Legend of Zelda) and they would all be pretty low on my list. The SNES games are truly the best of the series, and even though IV and VI receive most of the praise, V was also a damn fun game to play through, especially with all the class customization. The PS1 games are also good, with IX being my favorite of the three, although these aren’t as good as the SNES classics. And starting with the PS2 and X, Final Fantasy started becoming rather unpleasant and tedious to play through (although I believe I’m in the minority about disliking X).

    I would definitely look into V at some point. It may not have the same story quality of IV or VI, but I would still place it alongside those two as classics.

    Incidentally, I have not beaten most Final Fantasy games that I’ve played; I got to the very end of III, IV, V and VI, and either couldn’t beat the final boss or lost interest in scanning the world for its myriad secrets right before the final boss.

  • Shinobi Phoenix

    Just to throw my two cents in,

    Played I (NES and GBA, not PSP), II (GBA only), III (NES via emulator and DS), IV (SNES, GBA and DS), V, VI (SNES as “III” and PS1 and GBA and I still wish for the 3D remake to be on 3DS), VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, and XI (as a Red Mage, I forgot what Race, the one that looked like an Elf). Also Tactics, Tactics Advance, and Crisis Core.
    I’ve watched my friend play a little XII and wanted to play that one, even get it. I watched another friend play XIII last year… I love the battle music with all my heart and soul and play it often on my Android phone, but beyond that my friend played until the part where Vanille says “let’s run away” and then actually ran off-screen in a comedic fashion. My friend then put down the controller, and removed the disc and turned off the X360. I shared in that “opinion” of the game. Apparently Japan didn’t like XIII-2 very much at all, even to the point that it LOST to the final Tales game in sales.

    Beaten: I (Dawn of Souls version), VI (every version I’ve ever touched except GBA, which I’m still playing even today), VII, VIII (I actually didn’t, but I got in Ultimecia Castle and knew I didn’t care enough about the game since I hated it the most–even over 13 and I saw the ending, it was enough for me), IX (my second favorite FF of all time), and X (was actually my third favorite for a while since I hadn’t played IV long enough).

  • Sadly I have yet to play beyond VI, although I’ve dabbled in the others a bit here and there. It’s been on my bucket list of games to play for years, but then so are about three dozen other games.

    VII is what got me into FF, I freely admit. I was a Nintendo kid in the 80s and 90s but I played mostly platformers and racing games, I didn’t know what an RPG was until we got a PSX in the late 90s and one of my friends brought over his copy of VII to show us. Sadly, he spoiled the entire ending for me, but I was still compelled to buy it and play anyway, and it kicked off what would be a good eight years of hardcore RPG playing before I rather burned out on it a bit and opted for lighter fare. VIII was confusing at first, but good, IX was great, but X ruined it for me, I never finished it, and sold it. I haven’t really played one since. To this day, VII remains the only FF I’ve probably played over five times and beaten that many. Mostly because I kept losing all my save files. Tactics remains my favorite FF ever.

    I maintain that eventually, when the pressure gives in and they realize the franchise is underperforming, we will see VII remastered and re-released on the PS3, or Sony’s next console. I could be wrong (and I hope I am) but it’s never been beneath Square to cash in on the interest their top performing franchises generate when the coffers are getting low.

    • >Sadly I have yet to play beyond VI
      Sadly I have yet to play before VI

      Fixed. No idea why I wrote that.

  • Vortigar

    Ah, the FF series. Anyone into rpg’s has his own little tales about it, whether they like it or not.

    I’m a huge fan of FF5 its one of the few I’ve finished and stands head and shoulders above the rest for me.

    I really liked FFX-2’s combat system (though there’s more than a few exploits in it), such a shame the rest of the game is a massive turn-off. I rather digged the whole Charlie’s Angels vibe they get going here and there but then it devolves into a bad version of stock anime scenes at the drop of a hat.

    Funny thing: Riku wears hot pants and a bikini top into combat and a bathing suit in the pool. Apparently she agrees that clothing impedes her movement in combat?