Final Fantasy Next? [ ARTICLE ]

After delaying the inevitable, on Saturday I finally decided to ascend to the Bahamut and promptly completed Final Fantasy XII. Then last night, I left Cocoon, returned to Orphan’s Cradle and defeated Orphan thus finishing Final Fantasy XIII, as well. Now with Final Fantasy XIII-2 coming out in January in North America and my desire to finally finish all the numbered Final Fantasy games, I am left asking the question: Which Final Fantasy is next?

Currently, I have completed Final Fantasy I, II, IV, VI, VII, X, XII and XIII. I don’t count Final Fantasy XI and XIV since they are MMORPGs they don’t really have an end point. This leaves me the options of Final Fantasy III, V, VIII, IX and…ugh…X-2 to finish. X-2 was so annoying for me to play the first time, that it is automatically at the bottom of the pile. Thus leaving me with Final Fantasy III, V, VIII and IX as my options.

I almost finished Final Fantasy III, I got to the big bridge in Final Fantasy V, started Final Fantasy VIII and have never played Final Fantasy IX. So of these four choices, which one would you recommend I play next and why?