Time Management Skills [ COMIC ]

It’s a lot less impressive when you learn that they’ve been carrying on this conversation for five days straight, already.

So the past month and change has been an extremely busy one for me. Besides my regular 9-to-5 I’ve also had a plethora of freelance work on my plate, as well. And in that time I felt that I had very little chance to game…Or at least I thought I did.

Remember how I’ve mentioned recently that I’ve been playing Final Fantasy IX. It’s only been a little bit here and there, but somehow I was able to accumulate almost 48 hours of play time on my save file for the game. That’s pretty much two full days in a one month time period. Clearly my concept of available time is a little skewed from my earlier assessments. Either that or I am just that good with time management…But more than likely, it’s the prior.