Less Popular iPhone Games [ COMIC ]

I imagine in Happy Birds, you take on the role of the pigs and it’s a Tamagotchi type game where as long as they remain drunk and happy they’re not trying to kill you. Fun for the whole family.

Today’s guest strip was created by Ross “Rosscott” Nover of The System and Marty “F’n” Day of blast-o-rama…Also who when their powers combine become the co-hosts of Super Art Fight.

Speaking of which if you’ve never actually seen a Super Art Fight before, I cannot more highly recommend that you do. In fact, most of the people who did guest strips this year have been attached to Super Art Fight in one way or another…Whether it as a co-host, regular artist on the roster or guest artist. Seriously, if you are ever near a convention, college or club they’re performing at then you need to go. It’s that friggin’ awesome!


  • Ashley

    Just finished reading my way through the entire archives to end up here! I was sad that I didn’t have more comics to read, but I laughed really hard at the idea of “Happy Birds” being a game. Thanks for being awesome, as always! :)

    • Fijiman

      I just got to this point as well and my first reaction when I found that out was a bit of a WTF moment because I could have sworn I was farther back than this. Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later anyway.

  • Ido013

    Water = beer? XD

  • Falos

    Rosscott? But this is not stickmen. I am confus. :O

    • Badger

      Actually Ross has done a couple comics before the system that had full drawing in them. They were Rockets Rock Out and Not Quite Wrong, which are both up online and can be read.