Grandma, what a big sword you have… [ COMIC ]

First, there was the Keith Courage and his Alpha Sword. Then there was Cloud Strife and his Buster Sword. Lastly, there was Guts… that’s right, just Guts and his really big friggin’ sword (official term). So, what… right? Am I complaining about games/animes with giant swords? Hell, no. I think its awesome. Personally, I want to see a game or anime with a sword so damn big that they have to bring it to its owner with a crane… I just thought this would be a fun idea for a comic.

Side note, Guts is from the Dreamcast game Swords of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage a fairly good reviewed game… but its the anime you really want to own. I guarantee Berserk is going to be one of the best and bloodiest anime you will ever see.

I have a little extra space, so I think I’ll pimp a few of my fellow webcomics: HOUSD, Little Gamers, Press Start to Play, Comet7 and of course the outer circle.