Guest Strip for GU Comics [ COMIC ]

This is a guest strip that I had original done for GU Comics back in September.

Well, I answered my own question. When I asked on Thursday if I should change the Dueling Analogs schedule to run regular comics on Monday and Wednesday and add console comics on Friday the general consensus was no. Not so much because you wouldn’t want the content, but because you knew that I already have a pretty hectic time updated the regular comic on time and adding an addition day would just worsen it. You were right. I had a bunch of freelance work to do this weekend and when it finally came time to do today’s comic, I was already drained. Sometimes I really wish I was a two man team so that I could have someone else pick up the slack, but unfortunately I really don’t play well with others.

Nonetheless, I’m going to run this today and get the comic that was suppose to run today finished by Thursday. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • A.L.

    Well Bane does look like a gimp….on drugs.How the hell did he get a go to be the Batman cartoons?

    Inconvenience my ass.If it’s putting food in your house,no worries from this end.Just stick to your regular schedule for now until you get to a point where you are able to do three strips a week.What you could do however is do a console comic every other week,that way it gives you a breather to play catch up with other things.

  • Jager

    That made me laugh!
    I’m glad you decided not to stress yourself out. That’s bad for your health and stuff. :P

  • Rockslyde

    I have to say i understand that you were busy and had to put up a filler comic. but to see a guest strip from some one’s birthday. meh… GU was how i found this site, I guess i’m done now viewing it.

  • Rockslyde

    Edit viewing this site, not GU.

  • @Rockslyde Well, I didn’t want to miss an update. Most people don’t check out the guest strips that I do for other webcomics. So to them it’s something new to see. If you’re a GU reader, good for you. So am I. But it was either run this, miss an update or run a classic comic. Note that option one is not an option. So what would you do?