Things We Wish Nintendo Would Let Us Do [ COMIC ]

I really want to thank David Herbert and Paul Salvi of Living With Insanity for giving me the ability to take the day off. Well, take the day off from Dueling Analogs at least. Thanks guys.

Just FYI I’m going to be attending two conventions next month. First one is Otakon, July 17th – 19th, where I will be in artist alley as an artist. The second one is Connecticon, July 30th – August 2nd, and I will the dealer’s room as a guest. I will also be attending SPX, but that’s not until September.

That’s about it. I’m going to enjoy my day off. Later.


  • 3rd one is so right. I want -1 suit ;_;

  • I think it is a bit of a collective we there… I agree with the second one though…

  • Redajin

    hell yes to each one

  • Oribaa

    Hell yes to four. Playstation fanboys are the most obnoxious of all

  • Not to be mean to everyone, but really, if you agree to the third, wouldn’t that kinda prove just how lonely you actually are that you have to think that one day you may have sex with a video games character, who to be honest, is no were NEAR as curvy as all the fan drawing are….

    It is fun to be a downer…

  • Jesus

    hey a man can dream cant he?

  • cgoodno

    I agree some PS3 fanboys can be annoying, I think the exact same is true of 360 fanboys and PC fanboys.

    I think the only one of those I’d really want to do is #1. #3 isn’t even on my radar.

  • General WX

    where can I get me one of them sony shirts?

    See with sony all our games are so perfect that we don’t have to even imagine killing the characters. And our girlfriends are so hot that we don’t have to fantasize about scantily clad fictional characters. And we’re so at peace with our fellow man that we seek to find a common ground, not smash with a prybar. /sarcasm

    Viva la PS3!

  • I fully Agree with number 4.

  • Crisis128

    I agree with 2 and 3. Especially 3 hehe

  • H3xx

    Nice Going giving link his original brown hair, even though he was blond when navi showed up. I cant comment on #4 as I’m a nintendo/pc/playstation fanboy. Microsoft can kiss my @$$!!! and #3… mmmm hmmmm… ;)

  • Gabriel

    Haha, a strip-tease by Samus Aran isn’t a bad idea :P

  • gelugon2105

    The fourth panel possibly contains a reference to F@nboys, another webcomic, which has a character that reacts dangerously to such a statement.

  • gelugon2105

    I like the first panel the least. Granted, Pikachu can be very irritating at times, but I would prefer to waste the Pokemon trainers instead.

  • catsithx

    The forth panel says it all for me. Yeah I wouldn’t mind the head shot for pikachu, or the strip code for Samus. But that’s what I want to do on the forth panel oh so much.

  • Qrawzseg

    Hellz to the Yes!!! (To all, especially the third panel!)

  • Rawrkins

    For #1:
    Pikachu has fainted!
    …Would you like to finish him off?
    Item Run

  • linuxexorcist

    time : 1:02:22
    Items collected : %100
    Over 18? : >Y | N

  • Lord Shplane

    I miss back when I was able to be a Nintendo fanboy. Now I’m the guy you’re smashing in the fourth panel. Except I’m saying “Nintendo is a sellout bitch”.

  • TheGabe

    I agree with all of these except number 4- Cause it’s no better to be a nintendo fanboy than a sony/microsoft/whatever fanboy. At least Sony and Microsoft are still coming out with original content instead of casual bullshit and re-releasing tired games that only fanfags care about…

  • PS2 fan

    We only do it, cause the X-box fanboys are so annoying.

    And those damn PC fanboys, that dismiss all consoles for no apparent reason.

    The we makes the least effective blunt instrument, out of all next gen consoles, so you guys are feared the least.

  • acce245

    Heh, wouldn’t it be nice if Nintendo had those quality graphics too?

  • You forgot the panel with “Have more decent games for long time fans instead of trying to cater to “casual” gamers and fps/mature gamers, and motion controls to match Sony and Microsoft’s new entries.